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Business card-based contact management
for companies. Build your database.
Leverage connections. Sell more.

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Business cards and contacts represent accurate information and evidence of a human connection.
Use Sansan to manage and leverage them. Sansan enables centralized, cloud-based management and organization-wide sharing of customer and contact information.
Use it continually to uncover new opportunities and prospects, and to boost your sales.


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The contacts in your company and teams are golden opportunities. Digitize them. Centralize them. Visualize them. Connect with them. Now you're maximizing their potential.

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Sansan's unique benefits Advantages

The entire company can now share, accumulate, and utilize customer information, which used to be held privately.
Pursue sales with a deeper understanding of leads and prospects customers. Then maximize your results.

  • Get the latest details
    on contacts
  • Put together stronger proposals and adjust your style to match your target
  • Approach using
    an omni-channel path
  • Integrate data with
    external systems to
    maximize data use

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Following its mission of “Turning encounterts into innovation,”
Sansan develops digitally transformative solutions
that reshape how we work, around the world.