We put together an optimal plan to suit your specific needs.
You can also do a free trial of Sansan to see if it matches your expectations.

  • Initial costs
    This covers digitization of cards that you already have.
    Entering these in lets you immediately visualize all past card
    and contact information and immediately start capitalizing
    on the valuable insights you'll uncover.
  • Operating costs
    This covers introducing and operating the Sansan system.
    We benefit from our accumulated experience with 9,000+ companies,
    so we can support your ongoing usage and success.
  • License fee
    We offer a range of licences to suit your
    company’s size and how you plan to use Sansan.
  • Options
    Add features and services that will specifically
    help you get the most out of Sansan.
  • Sansan Scanner
    Use the dedicated scanner for fast and easy digitization of cards.
    Sansan scanners come together with tablet devices.
    *The minimum contracted number of devices required is the number of floors and/or locations in your office.

Introducing Sansan in your company

These are the steps from your first
inquiry to starting use of Sansan.

Get in touch

For starters, contact us. Fill out the form below. Tell us your requests, questions, or concerns.
Contact us here >


We'll listen to and assess your requests and needs and explain features and plans that will benefit you.
Feel free to contact us to request a quote.

From proposal to contract

We'll propose the best plan to address your needs and usage.
Once you're satisfied with this plan, we'll move to the contract.

Contract and implementation

You can get up and running with Sansan in as little as 1 business day after signing a contract.
Our dedicated reps will accompany you through the implementation process.

Customer Success Plan

Comprehensive post-introduction support

Implementing Sansan can be a lot of work for those who are advancing it in the company.
Startup use can include establishing a schedule, raising internal awareness, scanning in
previously acquired business cards, and user training.
We'll assign you a dedicated representative to make sure your implementation of Sansan
is smooth and successful.

Kickoff meeting

Meet with your dedicated representative to develop an implementation plan.

User training
(in person & online)

Sansan trainers speak directly with your users on how to use the system.

Customer success support

We'll develop a success plan to realize your vision, follow this through your implementation, and check on how usage is progressing. We work with you to guide you to seamless and successful use of Sansan.

支援コンテンツ Sansan Academy
Sansan Academy
support materials

Our Customer Success team has compiled videos and guides on implementing and using Sansan. Use these a part of your own internal operation guidelines.


  • Q. Specifically how much does it cost?

    Every company is different, so we put together an appropriate plan and price after thoroughly listening to your needs and concerns. This is necessary to make sure your implementation is a successful one.
  • Q. How long is the contract term?

    The standard term for Sansan is 1 year.
  • Q. Is there any support after installation?

    Absolutely. Our Customer Success team provides optimal service tailored to each customer's needs. We also offer a wide range of support materials for customer companies, including an exclusive online community for users, a website on using Sansan, and an extensive help site.