Sansan Features

Business card &
contact management

Turn contacts into corporate assets

Sansan applies proprietary, highly accurate scanning and digitizing technology developed over many years.
Digitized contact information is stored in your contact database and can be acted on organization-wide.

  • Scan and accumulate contact data

    Business cards and contacts are digitized with high accuracy, and their information is stored in your contact database for company-wide use.

  • Share contact information

    Search all connections within the company. Visualize customer contacts and facilitate successful interactions.

  • Use contact details strategically

    An organization tree is automatically generated for each company. See key people who have or haven’t yet been contacted, find out who knows who, and use this insight to formulate effective strategies.


AI + human data entry

  • Business card scanning

    Digitize paper business cards accurately with a scanner or by taking a photo with your phone.

  • AI + human data entry

    Sansan’s AI recognizes business card details and sections, and is followed by human data entry, to ensure almost 100% accuracy.

  • Build a centralized database

    Text and images are associated with specific people to build your database.

  • Accessible on multiple devices

    Search and act on data on PCs or mobile devices.

Activity management

Visualize contact points
and frequency

Sansan consolidates and quantifies all points of contact.
This activity between companies and people can be visualized
and shared organization-wide, and used for sales and marketing.

  • Virtual Card exchange

    Exchange business cards with anyone, anywhere. Online contacts can be added and managed the same as in-person contacts.

  • Contact Inbox

    Add more contacts by automatically extracting and adding contact information from email signatures when communication is only via email. (currently only available in Japan)

  • Compile activity in one place

    Contact information such as emails, calls, and meetings can be stored and associated with a certain company or person. Then refer to this activity to deepen understanding of your customers and tailor customized approaches and proposals.


Efficient and optimal solutions
for your target audience

Use shared company-wide contact details to attract and expand your pool of target leads and prospects.
Digitize the latest company and person details to more efficiently and effectively attract customers.

  • Efficient, targeted emails

    Usually, you need a distribution list to send bulk emails to target customers. Sansan lets you immediately convert contact information into lists, so you don’t have to do it manually. Target by business type, department, position, etc., and send emails on behalf of a specific sender. It’s an efficient and effective solution. You can also check the open and click-through rates of emails, and recipient responses. Use this insight to refine your email strategies.


Sansan's wide range of feature support results-oriented sales and marketing activities in any situation.
You can combine the company database with the contact database to uncover even more business opportunities.

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Understanding Sansan's features
An introduction to what
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