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Sansan – Turning Encounters
into Innovation

The Science of Business Encounters
Where We Are

Our world is built on encounters; they are the very basis of society.

We believe they bring innovation, which in turn leads to new ways of working and doing business.

By developing innovative products, we change how people value their encounters, and even change how those encounters take place.

Solutions that Change How You Work, Based on Who You Know

The Science of
Business Encounters

When two people meet, this is the starting point for innovation. But people must stay connected, and build more connections. Networks are then formed. To us, it’s a science.

Our technological minds continually work to examine these human connections, and the patterns of how we do business.

We seek to apply these findings to innovative products that enhance business relationships and outcomes.

Sansan R&D, our dedicated research arm, is the world’s only organization studying the science of business encounters. It pairs these encounters with existing data sources, giving richer insight for greater opportunities.

Our developers, engineers, and all members of Sansan deliver these discoveries in the form of innovative products.

The result is highly intelligent digitization of encounters. The benefit is some of the world’s richest and most intelligent contact data, in tools that help you connect and do business.


Market share in Japan


Years of innovation


Corporate customers

Our History

Chika Terada was a Japanese “salaryman” who saw the challenges of finding key contacts. Often, he found someone in the company already had a connection with his target. But he didn’t find out until after the fact.

Human network gaps led to redundant efforts and missed opportunities.

He founded Sansan in 2007 to fix this. Now as we’ve entered the 2020s, Sansan has become a trailblazer in business networking SaaS solutions.

The Problem and Our Solution

Sansan bridges the distance between two contacts waiting to do business, if only they had a connection.

We’ve focused on providing alternative and original contact management solutions using business cards as building blocks.

We created the business card management market in Japan, which we now dominate, at 84% market share.

Our namesake B2B product, Sansan, centralizes companies’ contact networks. Our B2C networking app, Eight, helps individuals manage their day-to-day business contacts.

Bringing Innovative Ideas to the World

The regional hub in Singapore offers our solutions across Asia, and we continue to advance worldwide. We want to help the world connect better, and work more effectively.

In 2019, Sansan Inc. made its long-awaited IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This was Japan’s biggest IPO of the year, a rare unicorn in this conservative business landscape.

Now from Singapore, we’re strongly backed and uniquely positioned to help companies apply our AI- and machine-based contact management solutions.

How can we help your company leverage its contact network to fully unlock the power of connections?

Some of Our Customers

Where We Are

Tokyo Head Office

Aoyama Oval Building 13F,
5-52-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan


Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.
10 Anson Rd, #05-01,
Singapore 079903

Thailand Representative Office

952 Ramaland Building 13Fl, Rama 4 Rd, Suriyawongse, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


From Tokyo to Singapore to the world

Chika Terada

Representative Director & CEO, Sansan Inc.

Chika began his career with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. After moving to the IT Marketing Division, he relocated to Silicon Valley to work with local venture companies to develop their Japan-focused businesses. After returning to Japan, Chika launched an internal venture and worked for an affiliated company, after which he founded Sansan Inc. in 2007.

Kei Tomioka

Director, Executive Officer, CRO, Sansan Inc.; CEO, Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.

Kei began his career with Oracle Corporation Japan, and was based in Shanghai and Bangkok, taking charge of market development across Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Southeast Asia, and India. In 2007, Kei co-founded Sansan Inc. and has led business efforts for Sansan, the service for sales DX. As CRO, he oversees company-wide operating revenue, and from 2023, he has served as CEO of Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.

Edward Senju

CRO, Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.; GM, Thailand Representative Office

Since joining Sansan in 2009, Edward has been a key contributor in the company’s growth and expansion. From the Singapore base and Thailand Representative Office, he focuses on bringing Sansan’s benefits to Asia-Pacific and beyond.

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