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  • Just Take a Picture Just Take a Picture
    Images of business cards are transcribed by our input staff, accuracy is 99%.
  • Share Your Contacts Share Your Contacts
    By sharing business cards with your colleagues, you can see the connections your company has.
  • Database Built Database Built
    You can download an accurate database as a CSV file, and put it to use in your business.
  • Check at Anytime Check at Anytime
    You can save a lot of time by sharing your contact information on Sansan.

What Makes Sansan Special

Business card scanning

Simply take a picture of the business card with the smartphone app.

Business card scanning
Sansan Scanner

Sansan Scanner

With our customized scanner, scan 30 cards in less than a minute. Deal with any stack of cards quickly and easily.

Accurate and precise data transcription

All of your scanned cards are input by our data operators with 99% accuracy.

Accurate and precise data transcription
Unparalleled security

Unparalleled security

We value security above all else. Sansan is a "Privacy Mark" holder.

Personal Information Privacy Policy

Privacy Mark

Sansan for Smartphone

Accurate data equals better productivity.

Accurate data equals better productivity.

Digitize your business cards and do away with annoying business card management.

Centralized company business card management.

Centralized company business card management.

Do away with unnecessary time and effort wasted managing and organizing your business cards and contacts.

Contact history / Who has

Visualize customer relationships

See shared connections in your company, and peruse the history of when a card was exchanged, and where.

Sansan for PC

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Locate contacts in your business card database by searching by company name, date met, and positions.

Manage Lists with Tags

Manage Lists
with Tags

Create tags on cards for things, like events or tradeshows, to group them together and find them again easily later.

Contact history / Who has

Business Card Data

Use CSV files to download specific contacts, or export all of your business card data. Then import this data into other services or tools in your company.

Sansan Scanner

The Sansan Scanner is a Scanner-tablet PC set with a dedicated scanning application installed.

Over 4,000 companies are
already using Sansan!

Thousands of companies are already using Sansan to make their businesses more efficient.

  • Intel Security
  • Toyota
  • SAP
  • Avnet
  • Seven & i Holdings
  • Brother
  • 1 Doller scan
  • Zendesk
  • DCM
  • Treasure Data
  • Semi
  • Cyber Agent
  • Ginza Metrix
  • Sv Frontier
  • SCS Global
  • Advertising
  • Media Math
  • Lunascape

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