Business cards are the starting point of customer journey.

Business cards contain necessary information for business, and exchanging business card is not just exchanging a contact, but a proof you have actually met the person. By redefining the value of the business card, Sansan makes it more useful and effective for business.

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Have an accurate client database made for you

With Sansan, there is no need for you to input and register business cards yourself. Just by scanning the business cards you have, an accurate client database will soon be made for you. Sansan supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and French with 99% accuracy.

Visualize the connections shared inside your company

By sharing business card information, you can create opportunities to utilize the connections you have with your clients and prospects. Also, you can gather many various kinds of information about them to strengthen your relationships with them.
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Contribute to maximizing your company's bottom line

Use business cards as a base for sharing information and networks inside your company. By using this information for sales and for marketing, you will find a way to increase your profits.

Increase sales
opportunities through
sharing business cards

With Sansan, you can manage the business cards of your colleagues, your executives, and even those who have left your company all at once. By sharing the human networks inside your company, you will find a new way of approaching prospects that you had not been able to see before.
Increase sales opportunities through sharing business cards
Find opportunities by sending out emails to your network

Find opportunities by
sending out emails to
your network

Sort your business cards by attaching tags, and then periodically send out emails to the addresses on the cards about seminars or new services you are offering to create new opportunities for sales.

Increase the speed of your
business by making use of

The accurate database you have inside Sansan can be downloaded, and it can also be connected to outside services to make you work much more efficient. Sansan will accelerate your speed of business.
Increase the speed of your business by making use of data

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quoteThe information we have in Sansan is a treasure of our company. It is a resource we will use for our sales in the future. quote


Over 5,500 companies are already using Sansan!

Thousands of companies are already using Sansan to make their business more efficient.
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Having Sansan is going to help us as a small business save money, and really capture the leads we need to drive our business. Also once we start having our business cards catch up on us, one of Sansanfs options like their Scanner rental may be really powerful and time saving tool for us.
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Sansan provides a person-taced database, and thus it automatically lines up people and thus provides us with the most recent information. That was the accuracy and effectiveness our company was after. Only Sansan was able to provide this.
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As we are preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, it is necessary for us to effectively build a foundation for cooperation. We want to maximize what we can get out of the relations created by simple business card management through Sansan.

Sansan System

1. Scan

Take a picture of the business card with the smartphone app,
or scan your cards with our customized scanner,
to process any number of business cards quickly and easily.


2. Digitize

The data from you is then sent to our data center, where our operators manually transcribe the details contained with the highest level of accuracy.

3. Use

You will be able to easily identify any person linked to either you or your colleagues by utilizing your colleagues contacts.