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Uncover your hidden network.
Find opportunities. Make deals.

Business card-based contact management for companies.
Build your database. Leverage connections. Sell more.

Sansan Virtual Cards

Exchange high-quality data with digital business cards.

Over 6,000 businesses use Sansan worldwide

Reveal Your Secret Referral Network
in Your Business Cards


Make a business connection

You meet. You exchange business cards. Innovation starts here. Now build this relationship.


Scan with the Sansan Scanner

Scan and digitize this new encounter.
Scan 50 cards at once, with 99.9% accuracy.

Or the Mobile App

Scan right when you meet someone. You can shoot 4 cards at once.


Build a shared contact database in your company

Scanned cards are rapidly processed and entered into your account. Now they’re shareable assets.

Find Opportunities, Work Your Network

You’ll have your contact data in one place. Now you can track each contact and company as relationships progress. That’s just for starters. You’re constantly building and growing a personal and corporate asset.
A centralized cloud database, intelligent updates, advanced searching. Visualize connections in your company. Seek new leads and profitable pursuits.

Powerful Connecting for Every Team

Opportunities are everywhere. See the unique ways Sansan can benefit your departments and teams, both internally and companywide.



General Affairs & Admin
Public Relations
Engineering & Design
Information Systems
Human Resources
Customer Support

Sansan Users Turn Business Cards
into Business

Sansan users take advantage of the full range of product features. They’re constantly finding innovative and cooperative ways to uncover opportunities and boost sales.

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“After the introduction of Sansan, we have seen some significant changes in how we reach our potential clients”


“We consider the information we have in Sansan as a treasure of our company.”


“Everybody gives us a business card. By being able to scan them in, we were able to access these customers straight away.”

Dylan Terntzer
CEO, SuperSteam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Integrate Your Customer Data Seamlessly, Simply

The Open API enables quick and easy integration with dozens of popular solutions. Merge up-to-date, highly accurate Sansan business card data with your CRM, MA, and other tools for comprehensive contact and lead profiles.

Ready to uncover your hidden network?