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Connect to what matters

Welcome to YOUR new norm.

Beyond changing the way we work, current events have accelerated digital transformation plans for companies as remote work become a large part of our lives.

Sounds like a huge undertaking?

The truth is that digital transformation towards productivity can start from something as basic as how your teams are establishing new connections in this hybrid world of work.

Enter Sansan Virtual Cards.


Stand Out from
the Digital Crowd

Make stronger impressions on your new business connections with Sansan Virtual Cards.

Initiate a two-way Virtual Card exchange (send and receive) with your prospects in real time to create better brand recall for your sales prospects, and further deeper conversations.

Mass Reach to
Online Audiences

Virtual Cards easily let large audiences connect to you (and vice versa) simultaneously at webinars and online networking events.

Simply use your Virtual Card QR code on an event’s landing page, LinkedIn post, or emails etc, to easily facilitate two-way contact exchanges with you! You can even use your Virtual Card QR code on Zoom backgrounds to let anyone and everyone connect to you.

Connecting at scale becomes a breeze.


It's been great to use Sansan Virtual Cards, which can be exchanged during or before Zoom meetings, or contactlessly when meeting in person.

Glenn Lim, Managing Director, CEO Asia


Building Blocks of a
Centralized Database for Teams

By collecting contact information in an already-digitized form, you are well-prepared to build your company’s most updated and accurate contact database - one of the first key steps towards digital transformation.

An accurate contact database means that you immediately have actionable contacts - all ready for you to follow up and nurture to drive better sales opportunities!

Sansan Virtual Card

We have been solving the world’s contact management problems even before most digital card providers got started.
Here you’ll find some common-asked questions on Sansan Virtual Cards.

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