Cultivate every connection. Realize every opportunity.

Besides its organizational value, Sansan offers a range of features and benefits designed to help you get the most out of your connections, increasing both your efficiency and your top line.

Ultimate Organization

With Sansan’s technology, you can effortlessly organize your company’s contacts into a convenient digital database, simply using business cards. By scanning in the office with the Sansan Scanner Set, or while out in the field with the Sansan mobile app, your employees can input all the contacts they meet, providing your company with a powerful and permanent resource.
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  • Effortless scanning, with data entry done by a combination of OCR (optical character recognition) and manual input by our team, optimizing both efficiency and accuracy.
  • Your company’s contacts and sales leads remain in your database, not to be lost when an employee moves on.
  • Multiple tools for organizing contact data, keeping all employees up to date.
  • Fully cloud-based software. Accessible via web app and smartphone app (iOS and Android).
  • Turn every business card to your advantage.

Maximum Functionality

Sansan is filled with features and functions to help you make the most of your network. With bulk emailing, calling straight from the app on your phone, integration with external services and various planning and organizational tools, we have everything you need to capitalize on your opportunities. Please see our features table for a run-through. We are constantly updating and improving our service and have lots of exciting new features in the works.
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  • Integrated HTML emailing. No wasting time preparing mailing lists, send personalized and bulk emails to any number of your contacts, increasing both efficiency and response rate.
  • Automated integration with 3rd party services such as Salesforce, as well as API functionality for seamless integration with many other external services.
  • Fully downloadable data (CSV format) for external software or manual mailing lists.
  • Full-feature smartphone app, enabling database access from anywhere, and calling or emailing straight from the app. New contacts can be scanned and added to the database together with notes, tags and reports. Perfect after meeting a new contact.