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Managing Your Cards and Contacts in Salesforce? We’ve Got Something Great for You

Used around the world, Salesforce has many benefits, such as being easy to use. However by linking it with a business card management service, you can make it even more efficient.“I want to manage my business cards in Salesforce, but I don’t know how.”“Which business card service should I link Salesforce to?”Here we will propose some solutions to those who have these …

Message Function Lets You Communicate with Colleagues via Sansan

Sansan creates valuable, creative ways to work together. For instance, you may want a colleague’s introduction to a prospective client, or hints on how to deal with a contact, or views on a new contact.We’ve now made this much easier. Use the Message function to quickly and simply share tips and discuss deals with your colleagues, within Sansan.Connect business cards/contacts to messag…

Sansan in The Straits Times

March 8, 2017
The Straits Times in Singapore published an article on us, “Five questions with… Sansan”The venerable Singapore publication interviewed our chief operations officer in Singapore.Check out the great Q&A here…Five questions with… SansanSome exciting news and updates will be released very soon. Stay tuned.Still haven’t tried Sansan, or want to know more how it

Sansan in The Business Times

March 1, 2017
The Business Times wrote about us in the article, “Managing business cards on the cloud”We’re grateful for this terrific article.Read it here:Managing business cards on the cloudStill haven’t tried Sansan, or want to know more about how it could help your business?Go here.

Sansan Event Report: Sansan Innovation Project 2017 in Tokyo

February 8, 2017
We recently held Sansan Innovation Project 2017, in Tokyo.The event theme was “Evolutionary theory of the working way”.Through proposing new ways of working style provided by IT business solutions and introducing the way of new collaboration, we ways we can evolve how we work to effectively respond to changes in business society in the future.At the Tokyo venue, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, a worldwide be…

New Mobile Function: Increase Your Sales Efficiency with Advanced Search

January 19, 2017
Sansan for Mobile, on which you can easily check business cards, may be something that the business person who is often out of the office cannot do without.Now, to make using it even more convenient, the Advanced Search function has been added. Here we will introduce this function, with some examples of how it can be used.How to use the Advanced Search functionYou ended up with a little extra time…

Digitize Your German and French Business Cards

“I want to register this card in Sansan, but it isn’t in a language Sansan handles”.Is there anyone in your company who has worried about this?So that you can register even more business cards in Sansan, we have increased the number of languages we handle, allowing for digitization of business cards in German or French.If you have cards in these languages, please take a picture o

From Food to Practical Things: Business Cards as Marketing Tools

October 28, 2016
They’re not just paper! Recently, there are many types of business cardsWhen you think of business cards, you think paper, but we see some unique ones that are different sizes than others, some made from special materials, and some which show the effort put into design. They are not just a tool for exchanging information, but they can be thought of as having a marketing side as well.Take a p…

Make Prospect Lists in 5 Minutes

October 7, 2016
If your company has a person’s business card, that means your colleague has met this person before. By making use of the cards your colleagues have, you can have a high quality prospect list made in five minutes.And it’s very easy to do.1. First, sign in to Sansan. 2. Change search target from “Holder” to “All”. 3. Click “Advanced”. 4.

Download Your Contact Data from Sansan and Put it to Work

October 4, 2016
Download all of your registered Sansan contact data in CSV file formatYour exchanged business cards equal customer information. Once you download this business card data, you are free to create customer lists so you can manage, edit, and put the data to use in other tools and systems in broad and numerous ways.A few examples…– Create and manage a sales “attack list”– Import conta…