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Put Your Network to Work

Seek opportunities and work cooperatively

Find Leads in your Company
Cooperate to Close a Deal
More Productivity, Less Effort

Find New Opportunities Inside Your Company’s Network

Connections exist throughout your company, but can you see them or act on them? Seek internal referrals with a fully centralized contact network.


  • See your company’s network and who knows who
  • Warm leads instead of cold prospecting
  • Find when contacts change jobs, positions, etc.
  • Retain key contacts when your staff move on

Auto-updated, shareable contacts

Digitize all your company’s business cards into a centralized cloud database. Then share them internally. Seek out leads and build your database into a corporate asset. Your admin controls privacy and access levels.
  • Share contacts among colleagues and teams
  • Get real-time updates when contacts change
  • Customer data stays fresh and actionable

Organization tree

When you know how a company is structured, you can find who does what, and target the decision-makers.
  • Visualize customer companies
  • See job ranks, connections, and links with your company
  • Plan your sales and marketing systematically

Advanced search

Search by industry, company, job title, and save your searches for future access.

Data security

Access control, two-factor authentication, and more. Your internal contact data is a safe and secure corporate asset.

“With Sansan, my employees just need to do a simple search and see if that contact already exists on the system.”

— Dylan Terntzer
CEO, SuperSteam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Collaborate and Cooperate to Maximize Your Results

A suite of contact and customer management tools to smoothly coordinate deals and get sales and marketing working in harmony


  • Eliminate redundant contacts to the same prospects
  • Coordinate and personalize sales approaches
  • Stay updated on prospects
  • Customize ABM with high precision

Real-time updates

Stay updated with notifications on what’s going on in your organization.
  • Receive notice when someone updates a card or contacts your contact
  • Move quickly when a key contact takes on a new job
  • Work as a team to advance deals


Add a write-up about a contact each time someone meets with them. Note the progress and details so you can easily bring in colleagues.
  • Track how approaches are progressing
  • Seek support from other departments
  • Gather sales, marketing, and other teams on the same page


Amend contacts with notes on their needs and preferences. Then tailor your deal to delight them.

Internal Messaging

Send messages to colleagues to share notes on clients, updates, or attach a contact who might interest them.

Power Up Productivity,
Create Time for What Matters

Most business cards never make it to the CRM, or even a spreadsheet. Rapidly turn them into digitized contacts and leads accessible anytime, anywhere.


  • Never lose a business card or contact
  • Eliminate manual data entry and admin burden
  • Put your personal and company network in your pocket
  • Enrich Salesforce data, other CRM data, MA data with API integration

Sansan Scanner Set & Mobile App

Scanner + tablet for your office. Quick and easy smartphone scanning. Our advanced OCR uses AI + secure and randomized human confirmation.
  • No more manual data entry
  • Scan 50 cards/minute
  • 99.9% accurate digitization = minimal cleanup

Your network in your pocket

The Mobile App for iPhone or Android is portable, secure, and transferable.
  • Access customer data anywhere, anytime
  • Pull up insider info on your way to a sales visit
  • ID incoming calls and message colleagues

Multi-language support

English, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, and more on the way.

Integrations for Salesforce, MA, more

Open API lets you integrate high-quality Sansan data with other tools’ data for enhanced customer insight.

Did you know?


of businesspeople enter business card data manually*

*results from our independent survey

No spreadsheets,
no data entry

Digitize 50 in one scan or 4 in a single shot. Free up time for important work.

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