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Why Sansan?
Discovery, Efficiency, Cooperation

Centralize your contacts and opportunities keep emerging

Share Contacts, Boost Referrals & Sales
High-speed Scanning, Greater Efficiency
Rock-solid Data Security

Share Contacts Internally, Boost Referrals and Sales

Through a simple process, users digitize and upload contacts. These become shareable. You can then also visualize the networks in your company. Using this, you can seek opportunities and leads.

Key Takeaways
Did you know? Companies experience


more referral deals when sharing contacts

*as found in our independent survey


sales increase in 1 year with Sansan

*by our customer company Saison Card International

“Sansan has significantly improved our sales efficiency by providing us the capabilities to easily share contact information of important business contacts among team members.”

— Ryu Kawano Suliawan, CEO, Midtrans

Free Up Time to Focus on Doing Business

The Sansan Scanner Set and Mobile App digitize business cards with 99.9% accuracy and in 10 languages.

Key Takeaways
However, studies show


of businesspeople don’t digitize all their business cards

*as found in our survey

20 hours

are wasted every year searching for contacts


of businesspeople have problems with scanning accuracy

*as found in our survey

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“We noticed how easy it was to have the data digitized; much easier than I had expected”

Minoru Yasuda
Senior Managing Executive Officer, Lenovo

Rock-solid Data Security, Privacy, and Ownership

•   Access control
•   Two-factor authentication
•   IP address restriction
•   Device restriction
•   Microsoft AD integration
•   Cacheless mode

Key Takeaways


This means Sansan is GDPR-compliant and passes rigorous standards


We’re the steward, not the keeper.
Your data is all yours.

Digitally Transforming Companies Since 2007


countries where Sansan is used


customers worldwide

These companies put Sansan to use every day

“We’re opening up chances for communication within the company. Opportunities for collaboration are also increasing.”
— Shumpei Ikoma,
Corporate and Structured Finance Group, DBJ Americas

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