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Digitalization for Greater Productivity


Friday, 21st January – 3:00 PM SGT

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SIBL is pleased to announce its first joint webinar with Sansan, our newest SIBL Corporate Member. Join Edward Senju, Sansan Regional CEO and Vanessa Tang, AcePLP and SIBL Board Director as they share how on-site and back office professionals in the Singapore built environment sector can potentially rethink the ways to implement and reap the benefits of digitalization, as the industry continues to better navigate the on-going pandemic.

Seats are limited, so get your first headstart of 2022 and register now!

Dr. Keow Yeong Ming
Chairman of SIBL APDC


Building Information Modeling (BIM) in a Common Data Environment (CDE)

by Vanessa Tang, AcePLP

As digitalization emerges as a major driving force for greater resilience and productivity in Singapore’s built environment sector, the ability to allow project teams to create, organise, and share information for tighter collaboration and decision-making has become a necessity. By establishing a CDE, critical project and asset information contained in BIM models and other data sources can be appropriately managed based on the principle of controlled information sharing, coupled with documented checks at key project milestones in a timely and trusted way.

Vanessa Tang, AcePLP’s Director of Corporate Development, will explore the following key issues on how an organization can build a robust central information repository in the form of a CDE that is at the heart of BIM implementation.


Kaizen for Business Process Transformation – From Analog to Digital

by Edward Senju, Sansan

Radical transformation does not happen overnight. Especially for an industry deeply ingrained in manual and paper-based processes – only with relevant digital tools and timely training can employees be empowered to change, beginning with gradual shifts towards digitalisation – essentially by leveraging on the Kaizen way.

In this session, join Sansan’s Regional CEO Edward Senju where he will share how forward-looking Japanese companies in the building environment industries adopt Kaizen in driving effective digital transformation that generate significant benefits such as cost and time savings, and empower teams to perform at high levels of productivity.

In this Webinar, you will also learn:

Why the CDE is central for the proper management of an organization’s project and asset information

Basics of the CDE – how is it being used, who are the responsible parties are, and who should contribute to it 

Role of the ISO 19650 series of standards for the organization and digitalization of information about the built environment projects and assets in the CDE

How digitalization through Kaizen approach can give companies a competitive edge in the new digital economy, and free the backend teams to do higher value work 

Real-world case studies on how some companies use the Kaizen philosophy to digitalize for greater productivity, especially during the current pandemic

Best practices to immediately start implementing effective digital transformation in your company by adopting the Kaizen mindset 

Webinar Information

Vanessa Tang

Director, AcePLP

Vanessa Tang is a leading BIM Advisor for guiding firms in the Built Environment to digitise and enhance their Integrated Digital Delivery workflows. She is a Corporate Development Director at AcePLP, which offers Building Information Modelling, Virtual Design and Construction, reprography and digitisation services. Her clients include government agencies, consultants and contractors working on Singapore’s Built Environment projects.

Vanessa works with technology partners such as Bentley, Trimble and Autodesk to deliver technological and information management solutions for her clients. She sets up BIM teams and grooms future talent for the Built Environment.

Edward Senju

Regional CEO, Sansan

As one of the core founding members of Sansan, Edward grew up and has worked in Japan, the US, Mexico and India, giving him a uniquely international perspective. Today, using Singapore as a springboard, Edward is responsible for driving Sansan’s growth globally. Sansan Inc is a listed Japanese provider of cloud-based contact management and invoice management solutions for corporations.

Widely regarded as a thought leader on digital productivity, Edward is also a prolific speaker and has been featured in tech-centric stories and interviews by established media platforms such as The Economist, Business Times, Straits Times, Channel 8, CNA938, Nikkei Asia, CNBC and more.


Digitalization for Greater Productivity

Friday, 21st January – 3:00 PM SGT