What Are You Really Trying to Accomplish with Business Card Management?

What lies beyond business card management

The hurdle of business card management

“Recently the number of business cards we have has increased, and it gets quite confusing. We should really do something about it. There are free business card management apps, and we don’t really want to spend money on business card management.”

Hold on one second. Is business card management what you really want to do? What you really want was to do is what you can do once you have business card management already done. Business card management is just the first step. It is merely the foundation. And if the foundation is firm, you can go on from there.

What is it that you want to do that makes you want to do business card management?

Until now, the biggest hurdle has been suddenly starting business card management from having done nothing about it. For those who feel that way, we recommend you read “Before business card management, the first step is business card organization”. If you organize your business cards just by one simple rule, it will be totally different. When you organize them, don’t just think that you are organizing them, but think of the things that you can do after you have them organized. If you organize things too carefully, your goal ends up being just organizing, and you forget why you started trying to organize them in the first place.

Contact management and sales support
With business cards as a starting point, there are many things that you can do.

With business cards as a starting point, there are many different things that you can do. You can easily imagine that you can do contact management, since business cards contain contact information about people. If you move forward from there, you realize that if you have someone’s business card, it means that you have met them, and if you take notes about the meetings you had and what you talked about, you can see how it becomes information about your customers and leads. You can keep a record of what products were introduced, and you can see how this can become status management of projects that you have.

Business happens because there is another party. Every process is going to involve some person. If you manage the business cards that contain information about these people, you can see how this can become what you really wanted to do in the first place.