Trying to be too Efficient May Lose Customers: 3 Things to Watch Out for When Digitizing Your Business Cards

June 9, 2016
Three things to be careful of when changing business cards into data

Is there a pitfall in changing business cards into data?

Managing the huge amount of business cards you have piled up has been a pain until now, but with business card management services and system development, business card management has become more efficient, and at the same times new opportunities for business have been found.

This development is of course welcome, but there is something that is lost when business cards are managed just as data. This time, we are going to talk about what to be careful of when managing business cards so that you do not lose business opportunities.

1. Just becoming a system for collecting data

If you use a business card management system, you will save time that had been spend on filing and on looking for business cards. There is no need to mention how efficient this can make you, but this efficiency can cause you harm too.

Are you just changing business cards into data without thinking much about it? Basically, the more information a database has, the more time needs to be spent on managing it. If you just change every business card into data, it becomes a huge amount of data, and managing this can be difficult. Instead of making things more efficient, it could end up making the database so big it is unusable.

If you just let all business cards become data without thinking about it, the holder of these cards can become insignificant. Make sure you attach information about what kind of person this person was, and where you met.

Also, should this card be changed into data, and if it is, how should it be managed? You need to make sure that you organize what goes in and what does not go in to the database you have.

2. Getting lazy about doing maintenance of the information you get

Maintenance can be divided into two types. The first type is database management.

How much importance you attach to a business card will differ, so if you forget that you are managing business cards, it can cause problems. And if there is a change to the information, you need to make sure that the data is correspondingly updated.

The other type is changes to business card information. The business card itself may not change, but the person who had it and the company he or she was in continue to change. If you rely on information that has been changed into data, you could make a mistake that could cause you to lose a deal. Also, according to which department received the business card, the handling can change.

Information is alive, and you need to think that the fresher it is, the more alive it is. You cannot be satisfied with just changing business cards into data. You need to make sure that new information is immediately updated, so that the data you have is always up to date.

3. Thinking about business cards only as data

It is impossible to see the character of the person when you just see the data that was on the business card. When receiving business cards, it should be changed into data that is a resource for the company, and the people using the data need to look at not only the data but the information behind it, in the person that met this person.

Thinking about the person beyond the business card

When changing business cards into data, it is easy to forget about that this is about a person. You cannot just see business cards as paper with information; you need to look at the person beyond the business card. And information changes every day, so these changes need to be reflected into the database.

Because of this, what is needed is cleaning out and organization. These are words that sometimes causes confusion, but when cleaning out, you need to decide what is important and what is not important, and you need to get rid of what is not important, and when organizing, you make things easier to find and easier to use. Data gets bigger day by day, so it is important to clean it out and organize it.

In an information society, changing business cards into data is only natural. And because of this, you need to maintain it correctly, and companies that can handle this data and the people behind it well will be the companies that can succeed. No matter how convenient things become, what is important is the people behind it all.