Scan your Business Cards and Update How You Manage Your Contacts

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The business card you have been receiving are piling up in your desk drawer…, we all know someone like this. If this is you, start changing how you handle business cards! The better you manage your business card, the more you can help your business.

Making it easier by changing them into data

Keeping information on paper requires space to store it, and this does not just apply to business cards. Offices nowadays are being hit with cost reduction, and people find the space around themselves limited too. And having to manage business cards in an already reduced space is already difficult. Start managing your business cards in a way that helps you get the most out of your office space.

To make business card management easier, it is best to change them into data. Even if the amount of data you have increases, it does not take up physical space.

And after you have changed the business cards into data, you can do searches through them. Compared to looking for things depending on your own memory, it is drastically more efficient. You can make the most out of not only the space around your desk, but also your time.

To change them into data efficiently, we recommend scanning.

So how can you manage business cards to save office space and time?

The best way to change them into data is to scan them.

If you scan business cards with the office copier or scanner, there will be no need to carry business cards around with you when you leave the office. By using OCR technology, business cards can be changed into text data, and the ways this can be used will increase.

The best way to scan

When scanning business cards, it is necessary that the scanned surface is easy to read. If the card is dirty, it cannot be scanned and changed into data correctly.

It is also necessary to be careful if you have written extra information on the business card. If this is written over the information that was printed on the business card, there is a higher risk that this will not be changed into data correctly. Of course it is best if you are careful not to write over the printed information on the business card each time you receive a business card.

If you scan business cards correctly, you can get the information that you need changed into data correctly.