New Function for the Smartphone App: Report Management

September 30, 2015
New function for the Smartphone App : Report Management

Now you can do Report Management from your smartphone

-Have you ever been out to visit a client and not able to remember what you talked about last time?
-Have you ever wanted to leave a memo on Sansan right after you finish talking with a client?

With the new version of the iPhone App released on September 10th, you can now use Report Management functions.
(The Android version of this will be released shortly)
By using Report Management, you can check what you have talked to clients about in the past while on site, and record your notes of meetings in Sansan right after the meetings.


Report Management functions

Get started using the new version of the Sansan smartphone app right away!


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* Reports can also be written for business cards that have not been changed into data yet.