Sansan Expands its Footprint in Asia-Pacific Market with Presence in Singapore

October 5, 2015

SINGAPORE, October 5, 2015 – Sansan, Japan-based leading provider of cloud-based contact- management services, announced today its expansion in Asia with a new office in Singapore. The Singapore presence of Sansan will be under the new entity called, Sansan Global PTE. LTD., supporting its growth across Asia-Pacific and increasing its ability to help business enterprises digitize their business contacts and enhance the way of doing business.

According to a research report from Forrester Inc, digital transformation will drive technology spending growth of 4.9 percent in Asia Pacific. With more enterprises adopting emerging technologies to empower customers and using efficient ways of doing business. Driving this trend of emerging use of technology is Singapore, as the leader for cloud adoption in Asia.

IDC, also further predicts 2015 to be the year of accelerating innovation, with Asia’s focus on automated workflows and web-scale cloud system. Forecasting, IT spends to grow by 6.4% in 2017. Cloud business is also becoming a game changer for Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by offering scalable infrastructure and capabilities available as services with solid return on investment (ROI).

“We are proud and excited to establish Sansan’s presence in the Singapore market,” said Chika Terada, Founder and CEO of Sansan, Inc. “Singapore’s adoption for cloud-based software to accelerate business presents us with a huge potential for growth opportunity here. The business card culture in Singapore is similar to Japan’s in the sense that exchanging them and using them as reminders of business contacts is common practice. Digitalising them would mitigate the loss of this information and make it available to one’s co-workers and colleagues, rather than simply to the individual. This, together with the fact that Singapore is a hub for SMEs with trade shows and large-scale exhibitions, makes Singapore the most efficient place to set shop and expand our reach.”

“Exchanging business cards is definitely a must-do for business occasions in Singapore. Technology should be people-centric, the contact between human beings are most effective one. That’s also the reason business card culture is still alive. Human relationships truly are the lynchpin of a strong business. It’s amazing that such a small piece of paper has evolved to embody something as important as the actual face to face meeting of two people. This is where Sansan aims to change the way businesses work: by providing better management of this valuable resource, and enabling businesses to fully leverage those important personal connections for companies like DataSpeech, and others in Singapore.” quotes Mr. Soo Chuan Lin at Dataspeech Pte Ltd.

Sansan’s unique technology helps companies to use the data in business cards for their individual needs. Sansan accurately transcribes business cards and uploads them into a cloud-based contact management platform. Sansan has a portfolio of over 3,000 clients globally works with leading international brands such as Toyota, Intel, SAP, Avnet and Brother Industries. In Singapore, Sansan Global PTE. LTD works with Dataspeech Pte. Ltd. the leading information and communications technology (ICT) service provider and MediaMath, the global technology company revolutionizing traditional marketing.

About Sansan, Inc.

Since its founding in 2007, Sansan has focused on delivering its cloud-based contact management service to customers in Japan and beyond. Sansan’s business card transcription service and cloud-based collaborative contact management software has empowered businesses to leverage and share their network as a team, enhancing productivity and unlocking new opportunities. Sansan is based in Tokyo, Japan. Learn more at

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