Make Prospect Lists in 5 Minutes

October 7, 2016
With Sansan, you can make lists of prospects in five minutes.

If your company has a person’s business card, that means your colleague has met this person before. By making use of the cards your colleagues have, you can have a high quality prospect list made in five minutes.

And it’s very easy to do.

1. First, sign in to Sansan.

Sign in to Sansan for PC


2. Change search target from “Holder” to “All”.


3. Click “Advanced”.


4. Input search conditions, and perform search.

-Department: Input target department
-Title: Input target position
-Address: Input sales target area


5. Choose search results, and download.

That’s all.

This list can be used as a target list for your sales, and with Sansan, you can send group emails to everyone on the list.

Give it a try!