The Relationship of Lead Management in Business with Business Card Contact Management

Sansan blog - business card management is related to business lead management

The process from finding prospects, nurturing them, and finally getting orders from the is called lead management. There are a lot of good articles on how to do lead management and nurturing in the B2B field, so here we will think a bit about the relationship between lead management and business card management.

You hold the key to getting the most out of the information on the business cards you have

How many people think that business cards hold not jut contact information but the information that is important for their businesses? The greater part of people understand the importance of this information, but are they able to use this information? Have you ever given any thought to this? Perhaps most people have not.

Three reasons why business cards should be managed as information about prospects

Many companies start doing lead management to improve their sales and increase their profits, however these companies often make a mistake at the first step of the process, the acquisition of leads. There are many ways to find leads, but the way of managing business cards as information about prospects (leads), and following this through to nurturing and increasing profits is also becoming more common. Why is it better to manage business cards as information about prospects?

1. Business cards are the one thing with accurate information.

Although the information on business cards may be out of date because of personnel changes or because of promotions, they are basically accurate information. You can see what kind of person works in what kind of department in what kind of company. Also, these contain important information such as phone numbers or email addresses. When managing information, it is useless to have mistaken information; accuracy is of critical importance.

2. Business cards are proof of business encounters.

When business people meet for the first time, they exchange business cards. When you have someone’s business card, it is proof that you have met them at some point. It is much easier to feel familiar with someone you have met before than with someone you have never met. Having met someone before is a huge advantage in the business scene.

3. Every connection has the hidden potential to become business

When salespeople exchange business cards with a person, they consider them to be a prospect, but there are other types of connections with people in companies. For example, presidents and people in general affairs or in marketing exchange business cards on many occasions as well. Connections have the hidden potential to become future business. Even if these people do not become prospects, someone they know could become a prospect. Viewing connections as important is how to create business opportunities.

When you view business cards not just as sources of contact information, but as proof of an encounter, you can see how every connection can become future business. Even if they don’t become prospects now, they may become customers in the future. Basically, every connection is a lead, and taking good care of them is how business is developed.

Business card management creates effective lead management

In the software of business card management services that make lead management one of its goals are functions for managing business cards as an organization and for taking actions according to sales strategy. Some of the functions are the sharing of business card, the sharing of meeting information, and mail delivery functions. If these functions are used well, sales activities can be done efficiently and effectively. The first step to making this kind of lead management work is to start managing business cards as information about prospects (leads).