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2 Ways to Increase Your Sales via Business Card Management

When selling to companies, explaining and selling the product is often time consuming and laborious; it is rare for prospective clients to swiftly enter into a contract. Due to this, it is useful to be able to transpose numerous different types of information about prospective clients into a database and, from there, develop a suitable sales strategy. Creating effective ideas from this kind of inf…

Sansan in the Singapore Business Review

December 7, 2015
Our CEO Chika Terada expressed his views in a Singapore Business Review article.“Singapore business hubs have a strong business card culture, which means business contact information is all the information people in a company have about other companies and people. The way a business card is handled is a large part of business decorum, and it makes sense that the information found on one is c

Sansan’s Market Expansion into Singapore in Nikkei Asian Review

December 3, 2015
Sansan was written about in the Nikkei Asian Review.“Users will be able to keep a record of which team member has met with a particular client and where they met,” said Terada. “Sansan’s service fits well with government-led efforts to increase productivity at workplaces.”Read more:Clouding Singapore’s business card culture 

How to Use Business Cards as Leads, and Increase Your Sales

First, create an inventory of the cards your sales team has, then try re-approaching these individuals! The best way may well be to send group emails. 1. Put your business cards together in one placeThe first step is to put all of the business cards that your people have collected together in one place.Following this, take out the cards of companies who have already made orders.Lastly, group the b…

Sansan Announces Open API for Holistic Cloud Contact Management and Integration

November 23, 2015
 SINGAPORE, 23 November 2015 – Sansan Global Pte. Ltd., the #1 business card and contact management service provider in Japan with presence in Singapore, Asia, today announced the availability of an open application programming interface (API) for Sansan’s contact management platform that allows businesses to easily integrate their business card data onto their existing CRM tools and other service…

How to Compare Sources for Finding Leads

November 17, 2015
In business to business sales, we often see the following ways of finding leads: Exhibiting at a trade show Attracting inquiries from a website Purchasing lists of potentials and doing telemarketing Using agents to sell your products Holding seminars, whether just by your company or jointly with other companies Emailing or sending advertisementsAs you can see, there are many different approaches, …

Compare Different Marketing Approaches, with Outlining the Importance of Business Card Management

November 4, 2015
Which is more likely to lead to a sale: a sales appointment made over the telephone or an inquiry via a website? Generally, it is said that it takes a long time to get to the point of placing an order when selling to businesses. The information gatherer and the decision maker are often in different places, and a considerable amount of time is spent comparing your product to those of your comp…

Sansan Expands its Footprint in Asia-Pacific Market with Presence in Singapore

October 5, 2015
SINGAPORE, October 5, 2015 – Sansan, Japan-based leading provider of cloud-based contact- management services, announced today its expansion in Asia with a new office in Singapore. The Singapore presence of Sansan will be under the new entity called, Sansan Global PTE. LTD., supporting its growth across Asia-Pacific and increasing its ability to help business enterprises digitize their business co…

New Function for the Smartphone App: Report Management

September 30, 2015
Now you can do Report Management from your smartphone-Have you ever been out to visit a client and not able to remember what you talked about last time?-Have you ever wanted to leave a memo on Sansan right after you finish talking with a client?With the new version of the iPhone App released on September 10th, you can now use Report Management functions.(The Android version of this will be release

Engaging Attendees at Trade Shows: 4 Must-know Tips

July 2, 2015
For many industries, trade shows are a necessary evil event.With a booth you can brand, you can make new connections, get new leads, and sell. At its core, however, it’s still an interaction with people, so no matter how pretty your booth looks or how awesome your demo video is, if you don’t know how to handle the people, it’ll be a waste of time. Here are four tips to to get you…