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Sansan Wins International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality, in Europe

December 3, 2013
We are delighted to announced that Sansan, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Chikahiro Terada), the provider of cloud-based business card management services “Sansan”, has been awarded the “International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality” by the European Society for Quality Research, a European quality-management body, in recognition of the excellent se…

Sansan Wins U.S. Ambassador’s Award in The Entrepreneur Awards Japan 2011

December 2, 2013
I am thrilled to announce this.Tonight, we’ve just won the U.S. Ambassador’s Award ofThe Entrepreneurs Awards Japan 2011 at the Ambassador’s official residence in Tokyo!!First of all, we are really grateful for the U.S. Ambassador Roos to give us the great award.We are really proud of receiving the award among the other overachieving candidates,because it means that our company, …

Welcome to Sansan :)!

November 20, 2013
Welcome to Sansan’s Blog :D. This is Pinhan writing this article. I’m an intern of Sansanfrom China, and will stay with Sansan for 6 weeks.The name of our corporation is “Sansan”.You may ask the same question as I did at the first place, “Why they make the nameSansan?”To answer this question, I will first introduce you some background knowledge. As youknow in En…