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The “Three Degrees” of Separation

April 8, 2014
Have you ever heard the theory of “the six degrees of separation”? It is the theory that “everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.” –Wikipedia  Connection among the…

[Statistics] Correlation between Business Cards Management and Income

April 3, 2014
Today, I will introduce some interesting stats.Correlation between business cards management and income  The higher the annual income, the more often people change  their contact informationIn the following chart,  you can see that as annual income increases, the frequency of changing contact information also increases, from 23% for the lowest group, to 48%, and then 63%.(investigated in

Early Birds for FREE!! Sansan Beta Version for Smartphone

April 2, 2014
Now for early birds, you can use ALL the functions of Sansan beta version for smartphone, for FREE. Fortunately, it’s not april fool joke. Don’t miss the chance to start it!! Like and Follow us!! 

Sansan Smartphone/Free Plan(Android beta version) Released!!

March 31, 2014
After 2 month of our iOS version release, Sansan for Android beta version has been just released!!If you are in the U.S., try our Sansan for Smartphone(Andoroid beta version) for Free!!Register with Sansan now! are wainting your feedback!!Like and Follow us!!

Share the Contacts in Your Team for Better Productivity

March 3, 2014
Sansan is aiming to contacts management for teams, namely sharing contacts.Sansan realizes that by business cards management for teams.Therefore, it is not the simple business cards management service for individuals.Sharing the contact information by business cards management can share the connection among your teams which enable applying several things for your business such as approaching to ke

Merit for Sharing Contacts in Your Team

February 19, 2014
Why do we better to share the contacts among the teams?The reason is even the your colleagues contacts to someone could notbear fruit in last time,it didn’t mean that the contacts did not have any meaning for you.The problem is how to fix the issue.Sansan is the simple way to fix this.Just scan your cards, and your colleagues’.That’s all you have to do.It’s not too big deal

Our Mission, Our Core

February 12, 2014
Our mission is “creating a resource from everyday business encountersand transforming the way the world works”.As usual we meet many people on business. However, perhaps even 90% of business encounters bear no fruit. There, you just exchange business cards and leave that card in your drawer and forget about it.Like and Follow us!! you had some experiences lik…

Applying Camera on Your Smartphone

February 4, 2014
Are you using a camera on your smartphone?You can take photos with your smartphone camera (and share) of your family or loved one or favorite scenery, or sometimes some unexpected scoops and so on.You should do the same things on your business.You should take photos with your smartphone camera of the business cards which are the proofs of human to human connections, and share the digitized informa

Are You Using Some Private Social Network for Company?

January 27, 2014
 Are you using some team collaboration tools?The spread of private social network for business in use is increasing rapidly.(i.e  Google Apps, Yammer, Jive, etc…) It is critical to share the information or collaborate with colleagues . As such, to share the contacts is exactly the same thing.Are you sharing the contacts among your team?If not, you are losing some precious oppo

Why is it Called Sansan?

January 14, 2014
Sansan offers its self-titled service as the world’s first cloud-based business card management and sharing service for organizations.So, why is it called Sansan?What does it mean? In English, we call somebody with a courtesy title “Mr./Ms. XX”In Japanese, we express that title as “XX-san”, and “-san” means some person in a way.Therefore, “Sansa