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Presented about Sansan at the Apps Global Debut Day

April 25, 2014
On April 22nd, 2014, Mr. Tomioka, a director from Sansan, gave a three minute pitch (and Q&A) at the the Apps Global Debut Daysponsored by Softnic.     Mr.Tomioka before presenting SansanMovie 9:20-12:20(presentaion), 18:35-32:40(Q&A)Sansan will officially release its self-titled service in the U.S. soon under the concept of “share the conta

The People at Cloudbrite 2014

April 23, 2014
As I had written previously, this is the latter part of the “Cloudbrite” report.At this time, I would like to show you some messages from the leaders of these ventures and some pictures. From the left:Marcus Bragg, SVP WW Sales & Customer Success, ZendeskKei Tomioka, Co-Founder, Director, Sansan, Inc.In the panel discussion, they talked about how to improve the productivity from an…

Do You Know Sushi and Tempura?

April 22, 2014
What kind of Japanese phrases do you know?SUSHI? TEMPURA?  Let’s try to learn some useful phrases for today. There are the Japanese phrases those are not in English expressions, such as “Otsukaresama desu “.   If I try to translate it into English, it goes like“You’re probably tired, and I think that’s great” “Coming from tsukarer…

What Happened at Cloudbrite 2014, a Summit of Japanese and American Ventures

April 21, 2014
 On April 17th, 2014, Mr. Tomioka, a director from Sansan, gave a speech at Cloudbrite, asummit of Japanese and American ventures.The keynote speech was given by Ms. Fujiyo Ishiguro of Netyear Group Corporation. Otherspeakers were Mikkel Svane from Zendesk, Jon Cohen from SurveyMonkey, and Ken Inoue from Evernote.Other moderators and presenters were the leaders fromBOX,Cybozu,GinzaMetrics,Gengo, a…

Shorten the Period from Three Months to Three Days

April 18, 2014
It’s not the story about “Back to the Future”. Today, I will introduce you one of our users’ success stories.Let’s improve your business efficiency on your team, too.   Contact sharing between a sales manager and a sales representative Before Sharing:when trying to get new accounts, it often took three months for a sales representative to get an appointment.…

6 out of 10 people are positive on contacts sharing of his/herself.

April 17, 2014
Quesion: How do you feel about sharing contacts with your team members/colleagues?  According to our survey about 60% of them are positive on contacts sharing of his/heself with their team members/colleagues. (Sample number: 1,000, in the U.S.) Here are the summary of the reasons on replies.  – Positive ReasonsBusiness could be more efficientThey want to expand …

[Statistics] About the Problem of the Business Cards Management

April 17, 2014
Following the last statistics post, here comes the new one.Business card management has had a problem for a long time for business people. There were two major features. With the progress of information technology, a number of solutions have been created for the business card problem. These have been based on the ideas discussed before, namely, the ease of use of business cards, and the diffi…

Our Business Cards Have Each Person’s Picture. What about Yours?

April 15, 2014
 What kind of business cards do you have?Vertical or horizontal?Paper or plastics?Each company has its own business cards with its design and its brand to express own company. And, you spend above certain cost and resouces.What do you expext when you exchange the cards? Business cards will be the “face” and do busines intested of us.Yes, you want to find your business opportu…

Contacts = Asset?

April 11, 2014
 Contacts on your business are your business opportunities and also your asset because contacts on your business are the roots or your business prosperity. The roots can be grown to be your prospects, clients, royal custores and so forth.  As you know well, asset management is very important for individuals. In the same context, of course, it happens also on your business, too. Asset can produce n

[Statistics] Correlation between Business Cards Management and Income 2

April 10, 2014
Following the previous entry, I want to introduce the stats about correlation between business cards management and income.The higher the annual income, the more care taken to manage business cardsIn the following chart, the blue part shows the what percent of people do not manage their business cards at all, the red shows the percent of people managing it in traditional ways, and the green shows