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The Age of Sharing

July 31, 2014
We are now living in a sharing economy.The internet allows us to share everything easily.These days, we are hearing a lot about sharing services, such as:ride share: such as Uber, Lyftbike share/car share: in many citieslodging share: AirbnbNone of this is happening by accident.The internet has made it easier to share information about anything.But, why do we share so much information?     Th…

Thank You Sansan Scanner Users!

July 29, 2014
Thank you! We now have over 2,000 premium corporate users. These premium users can take advantage of the Sansan Scanner, which includes:1. the scanner,2. the tablet PC, and3. the pre-installed scanner application.Businesses can get the most out of Sansan’s Scanner by placing it in a high traffic area in the office, keep it activated 24/7 for use anytime by anybody.      Sansan has teste

Sansan’s First Month in the US Market on e27!

July 25, 2014
We are on e27.Sansan, “which goes by the tagline ‘The Business Card Box for your company’, in the US has been in market for just a month,… The similarities in both Japan and the US are that there are business card sharing needs. Additionally, we discovered that there were many inquiries from Asian countries, especially Singapore. Therefore, we are considering service locali

Sansan Turns 8!

July 11, 2014
On June 11th, 2014, Sansan turned 8 years old.So, we had a birthday party.Here are some photos from the festivities.    Yes, thankfully we are getting bigger and bigger, and so far have over 120 people working with us.     We are happy to help your business succeed! Like and Follow Sansan!!

Quartz Says Sansan Could Go Global

July 10, 2014
   Sansan is in Quartz.“Corporate clients can rent out scanners from Sansan for high-volume jobs. The software allows people to share their business-card contacts with colleagues. Sansan pitches this as a more efficient way to keep everyone’s business contacts in the cloud and easily accessible. “          I’m glad we’re on Quartz and have been getting feedback from o

3 Ways to Impress Your Clients with Sansan

July 7, 2014
Wouldn’t it be great if you could be personally introduced to potential clients?In my experience, when I would finally get a meeting with a potential client, I had to spend a full hour on small talk and getting to know the client. I had to go into the meeting without any details or back ground information that could have been helpful in building our relationship.Then, the client said: “…

Happy July 4th at Sansan!

July 4, 2014
     Happy July 4th!   On July 4th, we have fireworks every city in the U.S.    As same as your picture of fireworks, don’t forget share your contacts.Contact management is similar to taking a photo of fireworks, but it’s not enough.Share your contacts with your team members just like sharing your pictures with your friends or a oved one or colleagues!     Like and Follow Sansan!!

Sansan’s Market Expansion into US on Tech in Asia

June 30, 2014
Sansan is on Tech in Asia, again.   ” Terada explains why:‘…Our business could be the key to sharing those contacts.'”Read more:This Japanese startup has 14 million reasons why the business card isn’t dead Like and Follow Sansan!!

Voice of a Former Cold Caller

June 27, 2014
Early in my career…I attended a tech conference. By the end of the three day conference, our team had collected hundreds of business cards and I single-handedly typed all of the data into spreadsheet. I was drudgery. Also the data had to be uploaded to our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and any other lists that our team was using. And I knew connecting the data to my SNS was not the …

Sansan User Voices Part 2

June 23, 2014
As head of zLiblo, Inc., which provides a unique book scanning service called 1dollarscan in San Jose, CA, Hiroshi Nakano knows both the depth of scanning service, and also the merit of scanned information for users.Today, I am very pround to share his user voice.“How easy and useful with Sansan!! Sansan helps us to manage all Business Cards we’ve had. It’s awesome with Japanese