Old or New? The Concept of Sharing Business Cards has Become More Common

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Business card management based on individual needs has changed into business card management for organizational needs. It is only natural to think that if sales reports, project information, and other internal information are shared, that then business card information should be shared as well. So why did the concept of sharing business cards become more common?

Three reasons the concept of business card sharing has become more common

1. Digital management of business cards has become more common

Until recently, the main way of managing business cards was to put the paper business cards into files, and then into cabinets. In recent years, as the internet and technology have developed, people realize that information they have should be changed into data. Because of this, the paper business cards are now data, and thus easier to use. Starting with software that uses OCR technology, and now with business card management applications or cloud-based business card management, this information is now being digitalized and has become more useful. It is easy to see that when information becomes data, it is easier to share.

2. Companies are recognizing business cards as a resource of theirs

When you think of the resources of a company, you think not only of property and real estate, but also of products, services, and patents held by the company. Employees are also an important resource of companies. The conversations of these employees and the information they share all bring benefit to the company, and hence are resources. And of course, business cards are a part of this. To speed up business, you want to get the most out of all your resources, and companies that are doing this are increasing.

3. People are recognizing the value of business cards

Business cards were basically things exchanged between two individuals, and hence they were managed individually. But people who use the information on the business cards they receive and people who leave it as information on paper are worlds apart. These business cards, that you always exchange when you meet someone for the first time in business, can be without doubt thought to be the proof of a business encounter that contains very important personal information. Digital management has become more common, and online communication is increasing, so people are starting to realize, or reevaluate, the importance of business card information.

We were sharing business card information without even realizing it!?!

Sharing business card information may seem like a new thing, but have you never heard conversations like “Do you know someone in company A?”, “Yes, I know Mr. B who works there”. You were unconsciously sharing information in your company about people you know. However, this method works if you find someone who knows this person, but it often turns out that after you reach out to this company you find out that Mr. C in your general affairs department already knows someone there. What was managed inefficiently before on an individual basis has now become an effective way of sharing information through sharing the business card information you have with the people in your company.

After sharing business card information becomes common..

Having connections with people is important. It is much easier to contact someone if someone can introduce you than to cold call someone you have no connection with.

When you want to contact some company, it is much better to ask someone in your company who knows them to introduce you. And it can be really surprising to learn who people in your company know. If this is visualized inside your company, you can make use of connections for your sales activities.

The network of people you know is something you yourself made. And it is easy to understand that you might not want to share that with other people. However, when you share the connections you have with other people, you will see a new world. This will not be a lose-win situation; this will definitely be a win-win situation.


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