Manage your Customers and Leads from the Business Cards You Acquire

Manage your customers and leads from the business cards you have

All the information needed for doing business is contained on business cards.

It is s business custom in Japan to exchange business cards when you first meet someone. When you first look at a business card, you can see the person’s name, the company name, department, phone number, email address, company location. From this business card, you can tell what this person is doing. It is a surprising amount of information. What else has this much information on it?

Business cards are proof that you have actually met someone.

There is another impressive aspect of business cards. It is that they are proof you have actually met this person. If you haven’t exchanged business cards, you have not met this person. So business cards are a treasure that tell you who you have actually met, and what it is that these people do. Can you get the most out of the value that business cards have? It is perhaps not saying too much to say that this could make your business succeed or fail. So how should you manage the treasures that business cards are?

Business card information is valuable because it is accurate.

Basically, business cards contain information that is true and without deceit. Is this not the best way to manage the information about your present and future customers? By aptly managing the information on business cards, this becomes the base for managing information about your customers and leads. By using this basic information about your customers and connecting it to records of conversations had with them, this can become a database that is a resource for your company.

Image of how business cards can be the starting point for customer management

Manage business cards

Have a base of customer information

Create a database about your customers!

*It is important not to think that the database is done at any point, but that you are continually developing a database about your clients.

If you think about it in this way, you can really see what a waste it is to let business cards sit idle in the back of your drawers. There are many ways to manage customer information, but one way is to start from the business cards that contain the information of who you have met and who those people are. Take those business cards out of the back of your drawers, and start using this as a base for managing your customer information.