Make a Better Impression with Well-designed Business Cards

July 14, 2016
Business card design - Sansan Blog

Exchanging business cards is done as a first communication when you meet someone face to face. And it is not going too far to say that this business card exchange can do a lot to influence the impression you make on someone. The information that you get from exchanging business cards with someone is fairly limited. Here we would like to talk about and explain what kind of business cards are making impressions based on things besides the text contained in them.

Showing your character through your business cards

Just as each person has their own character, each business card should have its own character as well. So what is the best way to show your character through your business cards? The answer is through the design of the card. In different industries, you see different colors and shapes of business cards, and some people also focus on the quality of the paper.

When choosing a color for a business card, we of course recommend using your corporate colors. If you do not have fixed corporate colors, it is best to choose an image color based on your products or the image of your company. If you are worried about what colors you should use, we have some recommendations here.

Red: passion, health, activity
Orange: cheerfulness, positivity, warmth
Green: nature, healing, relaxing
White: cleanness, purity
Blue: coolness, calmness, peace

There are many images that colors can give besides these, so please try to find the best color for your company. One point that should nevertheless be made is that if the characters of the business card are too colorful, it can be difficult to understand what on the business card is important. Try to stick to three colors only.

Business cards that show your character

Here we talked about the design of business cards, but in addition to the design, there are many ways to make a deeper impression of your company.

  • Put your company catch-phrase on the card
  • Put some sentences introducing yourself on the business card
  • Have the means of communication you prefer printed larger on the cards
  • Use fonts and colors that are easy to read -Use drawings or pictures of yourself on the cards
  • Make good use out of the back of the business card

Of course, more important than the design is the accuracy of the information on the business cards, but if you have robotic, too-simple business cards with only the correct information, it is hard to make a lasting impression on the other person.

We recommend using well designed business cards with some personal humor in them, as they can be easy to use as marketing tools for your company. Please challenge yourself to create a business card within the image of your company, but containing some individual aspect of yourself.