Make Effective Use of Both Sides of your Business Cards

August 18, 2016
Business card design - Sansan blog

In our last article we talked about designs used on the front sides of business cards. For businesses, exchanging business cards is a necessary and indispensable type of communication, but the time spent doing it is very limited. We talked about how a bold business card design is important for making a lasting impression in this short amount of time.

But in what way should we use the reverse sides of business cards? This time we are going to focus on the reverse side of business cards, and introduce how to design business cards to emphasize your character in a way that cannot be done just on the front side.

The importance of the reverse side of business cards

Do you have time to give another look to the business cards you receive? How many times a week can you do this? In most cases, three times a week would be the most. And there are many business people who are so busy that they never give them another look after receiving them.

On the front of business cards, we find the necessary and indispensable information: names, company names, contact information, addresses. When exchanging business cards, no one looks at the reverse side first. That is why it is so important to put information on the back that you definitely want the recipient to see.

So, how can we make use of the space on the back? The information on the front side is information about yourself and the company, so the information on the back should be about who you are, and what your company is. The reverse side of the business card is the margin where you can say something interesting about yourself.

What should be written on the back of business cards

Please have a look at the back of your own business cards. What is written there? Is it just the same information in another language, something about your business, a map to your office, things you could not fit on the front of it? The criteria for what you write should be this: something that you don’t need to have written on the front, but that you really want to convey to the person who will receive your card. So next we will give some recommendations for people in different industries on how to use the backs of business cards.


To get the trust of your clients, we recommend you write your firm’s principles or how it came to be. You can use this to make your clients feel at ease with you.

People who work at web service companies

It is best to put the URLs of sites your company runs, or to add some detailed explanations of your media content.

People who work in restaurants or the service industry

It’s a good idea to put some of your best menu items on the back, or to make the back of the business card a coupon. To make it easier to come to your shop, it is good to build relationships with customers.


We recommend putting in a logo you designed, or if you are good at drawing, to draw a caricature of yourself, to show people your talent through your business card.

If you put accurate information about yourself and your location on the front of the business card, you can use the reverse side for design or to have a little fun. Then when you are managing business cards yourself, you can see the reverse sides of the business cards you have received, you can look for things you have in common with the subtle bits of information you find there. You will be able to find not only regular information found on business cards, but some unique point the other person wanted to show you.