Your Business Card Case Should Only be a Temporary Home for Your Cards

to visualize network by using business cards

Change your hard copy business card cases into data and increase your sales

The information for developing markets and finding new leads has been trapped in the hard copy business card cases of salespeople and information is often only shared at sales meetings.

If you gather together all of the business cards held by everyone in your sales department, this would comprise quite a large number. Even cards that didn’t yield fruit at the time could later become a client.

Nowadays, however, there are many companies that are changing business cards into data, and sharing this data in their company. Today we are going to address getting rid of hard copy business card case, and raising your sales ability by systematically managing the business cards you possess.

Hard copy business card cases that make the information on business cards useless

As is often the case, salespeople keep and manage their business cards individually. When they get too many business cards, they start keeping them in business card cases, and you also often see large numbers of business cards inside their desks.

These business cards which are not being put to any use, if used well, could be a resource for the future of your company.

You can also imagine salespeople carrying around their business card holders as they go to visit clients. Here you can also see how not sharing this information could be ‘chasing off’ business opportunities.

If you manage your business cards, you can visualize your network of clients and leads.

What can happen if you manage your business cards as an organization?

If you put all of your business card information together, you can categorize them as necessary, and classify the contacts you have by which sales approach you should use for them. You can start to manage your network according to the future vision of your company.

Also, if your salespeople add business data as they receive new business cards, by adding precise, detailed information, you can see the most recent status of the network your company has.

With this, you can see things you could not see in simple reports and you may even find new business opportunities.

Creating a strategy which encompasses all departments within your company

Connections are not just things to be had by the sales department. On occasion, important customers end up becoming suppliers. There are opportunities to meet the outside in every department in a company and, with this, the usage of business card data can help improve the productivity of every department within the company.

When departments outside the sales department have connections with customers, this means the company has achieved considerable growth.

Making business card data the base of how you manage customer and connection information will lead to your productivity improving.

Managing business card data by inputting up to date information

Business card data needs to be kept up to date. If the information is not updated, the information becomes old, unreliable, and unusable.

If you are going to transform business card data into a strategic weapon for your company, it is necessary to create a system that is kept up to date and accurate. If you can use data about customers at the right time, you can get a step ahead of your competitors.

Depending on the action plan, the direction of the company can change. With the plans used to date, where salespeople act individually, you end up with double coverage of areas and accounts, and thus a loss of opportunity. However, if you manage all of your company’s business cards together, you can understand more completely the present state of dealings with the outside. Due to this, you can change from a style of sales that invites opportunity loss to a more effective type of sales.

If you can lessen wasted time and costs by salespeople, you can use that extra time and budget to develop new leads and find new customers. By doing this, you will increase the business card data that you have and, consequently, further enlarge your company’s human network.


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