From Food to Practical Things: Business Cards as Marketing Tools

October 28, 2016
Sansan blog - food as marketing tools

They’re not just paper! Recently, there are many types of business cards

When you think of business cards, you think paper, but we see some unique ones that are different sizes than others, some made from special materials, and some which show the effort put into design. They are not just a tool for exchanging information, but they can be thought of as having a marketing side as well.

Take a picture, then eat it? Cookie business cards

Sansan, since its founding, is company that has focused all its efforts on business card management. People are unusually biased towards their favorite types of business cards, and when people see business cards, I want them to remember Sansan…

We wondered if we could not make business cards that fits Sansan’s image, and this plan that our PR department had for several years finally bore fruit. This time we finally made a business card cookie. After you exchange business cards, the other person takes a picture of it, and then you tell them to enjoy eating it. (It is a butter cookie, it is really quite good.) We of course check that they are using Eight, the business card management app for individuals our company provides, so that after the picture is taken, the card will be changed into data.

Sansan business card cookie

The marketing tool that tells other people about yourself and your company: Business cards

The paper business card culture changes as the ages go by. I thought this was really quite interesting. Other companies make their business cards the same as their products, some did the same as us and made food out of them, and some business cards even have scents on them! In other countries, there was a business card that was a bag with seeds in it, one that was a ruler, one that was a slice of cheese. Even if it may not look like a business card at first, it is a marketing tool that conveys the services of that company. Truly many different things can become business cards.

Unique business cards make a lasting impression. In business, you meet many people every day, so you think about how many people you can make an impression on about yourself or your company. They are only business cards, but still they are business cards

Every contact you have with your clients connects to the branding of your company and of yourself. A powerful marketing tool that allows you to make an impression of your company and of yourself. That is what business cards are.