Keep Your Business Cards Fresh and Up-to-date

July 7, 2016
Freshness of business cards - Sansan blog

Did you know that it is necessary to keep your business cards fresh, in the same way that it is necessary to keep fruits and vegetables fresh?

The value of a business card rests in how fresh it is. By this we mean how fresh the information on the business card it. This time we are going to talk about the importance of having fresh information on the business cards that you have.

Business cards as accurate information

How do you manage the business cards that you receive? The business cards that you got yesterday have fresh information on them, but what about those from five years ago, or ten years ago, that you have bundled up together in your desk drawer?

If the business cards you have are not fresh, then the company name or position of the person may have changed. If you try to contact the person, you may be calling the wrong company or the wrong department. It is not very impressive to call someone and make a mistake about their company, department, or position, and it worsens that person’s image of your company. And that embarrassing situation is far from the worst thing that could happen. If the phone number or email address has changed, you may not be able to contact that person at all.

And thus the business cards that you took efforts to gather lose their original meaning. The freshness of business cards can mean the accuracy of the information on them, and thus is very important.

When people change their business cards, that is the time to approach them.

If business card information is accurate and fresh, that should be enough, right?

Actually, the having of up-to-date business cards can be useful as a competitive weapon. When people change departments or positions, and you know that information, that is an opportunity to contact that person you may have not spoken to in a while, and do your sales approach. “Congratulations on your promotion!” can be a very powerful line that might just help you make the sale.

In addition to this, the person who was not in the position to make decisions before may now be in that position. If you know that, you know how important that kind of information is. In this way, the freshness of business cards becomes a very important weapon that can help you in your approaches.

To keep your business card information fresh

So, how do you keep business card information fresh? To do this, we recommend managing business cards as an organization.

When you manage business cards as individuals, they are your business cards, and thus there are few opportunities to make them fresh (unless you re-exchange business cards with that person.) Thus, the business card information will stay old, and gradually lose value. If you manage business cards as an organization, however, when another person exchanges business cards with that same person, the business card information can be updated, and thus fresh information is gradually written over older information, and this valuable business card information becomes a resource for your company.

By the way, with Sansan, it not only maintains the freshness of the business cards in your organization, but also has a function that takes in publicized personnel changes and automatically updates business card information. Because of this, personnel changes can be more easily changed into opportunities to make a sale. Please try managing business cards as an organization!