4 Steps to Shift Your Business Card Management from Analog to Digital

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Although the move from paper to digital is moving ahead, the digitalization of business cards has been lagging behind. In these few years, business card management services have been maturing, and they are becoming more and more convenient. Business cards are a resource for business people. How to move forward managing them is an important topic. So, for you to become a pro at business card management, today we are going to talk about the four steps starting from analog business card management.

1. Changing from analog to digital

First of all, you need to change from analog management of business cards to digital management of business cards. There are a lot of free business card management applications. Find one that is good for you, install it on your smartphone, and then start scanning in the business cards you have. You won’t need the business cards files you have been using until now, so you will notice that your work is becoming easier.

The business card applications available now have good search functions, so if you change your business cards into data, it is easy to make use of business cards you received in the past. Just by changing to a free business card application, you will see a change in the way you work.

2. Make use of business card lists for your sales

After changing to digital management, the next step is to use business cards lists for your sales. The more business cards you have, the better of a list you can make. It is much more effective to speak to a person you have at least met once than to try to cold call a brand new prospect.

3. Connect your business cards to your CRM or SFA

If you are using business cards as a company, and you can connect these business cards to the CRM or SFA that your are using, then what you can do with business cards will increase. The bottleneck could be getting this business card data into the CRM or SFA. It would be a lot of work for a salesperson to input this detailed information into these. This is often the reason that CRM and SFA systems end up not getting used.

As all the important contact information of your clients is contained on business cards, it is possible to just scan this information in. However, be aware that there are not many systems that do connect with business card management services.

4. From business cards, visualize the network of clients and prospects that you have

If you add CRM and SFA functions to business card management, you will be able to visualize the networks inside your companies, the clients and prospects that everyone has. If the business card management done individually is change to a company-wide management approach, you will be able to make use of the business cards you have to the highest degree.

There are also some services that allow you to attach to the business cards information about what kinds of things were talked about. With even one business card becoming data, it can be analyzed and put to use for your marketing.


Today we talked about the four steps to becoming a pro at business card management. What step are you at now? Aim at becoming a pro, and start moving toward that.