4 Merits of Business Card Management that will Boost Your Efficiency

March 31, 2016
Sansan Blog Business card management changes your business life

Changing your business life just through organization

Minimalism and keeping things in order are words we hear often recently, and the era of not keeping things has come. In the past, many people thought it was a waste to get rid of things, but now people think it is better not to acquire things you don’t need, and use the remaining open space for things you really need. Some people also think organizing things is a way of bringing luck to themselves. Does this apply to your business life too? Please find a better business life through business card management.

The four merit of organizing your business cards

1. You do not need to keep business card files anymore

If you switch to managing your business cards digitally, you won’t need those files for storing business cards anymore. There won’t be any trouble in carrying them around, you can clean off the top of your desk, and there is no need to carry heavy things around with you when you go out of the office.

2. Your work efficiency will increase

Your work efficiency will improve remarkably when you organize your business cards. Not only will the trouble you spent looking for business cards be gone, but you will have more open, clear space around you, and you can expect that to encourage you to work more smoothly as well. You can use the extra time you get for other tasks, and since you can finish your work more quickly, you can enjoy your free time more as well.

3. It will help you organize your relationships with people

Organizing your business cards is basically organizing the relationships you have. When you look over business cards received in the past, you discover people you have not contacted recently. This is a good chance to think carefully about what kind of relationship you can have with this person in the future. The name of an important key person or someone who could help your job might be buried in your business cards. On the other hand, you will also be organizing your relationships by reconsidering how to handle that person you have wasted a lot of time on.

4. Your business opportunities will increase

When you look back over the human network you have, you find you want to naturally meet people you have not met in a long time. When you are positive about meeting new people, it increases your opportunities for business. To say that organizing things brings in luck may not be baseless, because the change of heart it brings may indeed bring luck.

When you organize your business cards, it increases your opportunities for business.

Today we talked about the four results you get from organizing your business cards. Doing this not only cleans up the space around you, but it organizes your human network and thus brings in opportunities for business. Reconsider what the meaning of organizing your business cards is, even when looking over the clients you dealt with in the past.


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