Engaging Attendees at Trade Shows: 4 Must-know Tips

July 2, 2015
img source: PhotoPin

For many industries, trade shows are a necessary evil event.

With a booth you can brand, you can make new connections, get new leads, and sell. At its core, however, it’s still an interaction with people, so no matter how pretty your booth looks or how awesome your demo video is, if you don’t know how to handle the people, it’ll be a waste of time. Here are four tips to to get you covered:

1) Understand your buyer

Attendees are busy, tired, and in the middle of a trade show floor where they are attacked from all angles by assaults on all their senses. Chances are they are ready to do what their boss sent them to do, and get out. Know your target market, what they are looking for, why they are at this particular event, and how to get to the point quick. A little bit of pre-event research can go a long way.

2) Keep it simple

If you’ve hooked an attendee, don’t lose them by overwhelming them in steps they have to go through to sign up for your service, or confusing “30% + additional 10% if you order now!” deals. If you want to close things fast, having fewer hoops to jump through and simple pricing is the surest way to keep their attention and close things fast. Keep things smooth, simple, and frictionless.

3) Listen

When approaching or leading attendees in to your booth, its easy to get carried away in the excitement of “I’ve hooked one!” and launch into a huge spiel, rushing to close them, while creating a sort of “wall of noise.” One of the best things you can do for an attendee to make them feel welcome and comfortable in your booth, is to listen. If they feel listened to, suddenly your talk sounds a lot less rehearsed and much more specific to them.

4) Follow up!

Your interaction with attendees can’t end on the trade show floor! Whether your goal is branding or sales, remind your customers of who you are, what you talked about, and why you should keep in touch. If you told them about a limited time pricing, remind them now. Following up reinforces your brand image positively, and keeps lines of communication open for future business.


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