Download Your Contact Data from Sansan and Put it to Work

October 4, 2016
You can download your business cards!

Download all of your registered Sansan contact data in CSV file format

Your exchanged business cards equal customer information. Once you download this business card data, you are free to create customer lists so you can manage, edit, and put the data to use in other tools and systems in broad and numerous ways.

A few examples…

– Create and manage a sales “attack list”
– Import contacts into Salesforce or Gmail
– Send a bulk mail to people whose cards you received at a tradeshow to follow up or about a new product.



Why wait? Let’s get to downloading now!

1. First, access and sign in to Sansan for PC. The PC sign in email and password is the same as the Smartphone application.


Sign in to Sansan for PC

Bookmark this page for quick access.

2. From the BizCards page, select the business cards you wish to download, and click the download icon, then “Download My Cards” to download all of your scanned business cards.



Also, in the event that you want to download your colleague’s collected business cards, just go to that colleague’s contacts, select the cards you want, and click the download icon, and “Download Selected Cards.”