Connect Business Card Contacts with Other Tools: Open API and Official Partnership Announcement

May 14, 2015

Sansan’s API is Open, with Microsoft, Salesforce, Zoho, and more already partnered!

Huge news here at Sansan!

Yesterday, Tuesday May 12th, Sansan issued a press release in Tokyo to announce its new Open API, along with several official partnerships for service integration, including but not limited to Salesforce, Microsoft, Zoho, and SAP. This development and new release is a huge step towards making business cards a complete part of business infrastructure, which is ultimately Sansan’s current mission as of 2015.

The new OPEN API is completely free to take advantage of, which means developers and other services can leverage Sansan’s scanning, transcription and shared cloud storage of business cards.


-Card data seamlessly synced into Google contacts, Salesforce, Microsoft, or other contact/CRM services
-Applications can pull contact info directly from Sansan just as they would from your native address book
-See contact’s displayed on a map in your smartphone map app

and more! The possibilities are only limited by the developer’s imaginations! We expect this brand new feature to add unmeasurable value to Sansan users.

Excerpt quote from Microsoft’s endorsement:

“…With Dynamics CRM Online and Sansan’s integration, the most up to date business card data can be smoothly input and reflected in our CRM system, allowing users to use only the most recent data and avoid mistakes with out of date information. Additionally, this uniform management of customer information means everything from sales calling to support desks can become more efficient, providing businesses with the ability to grow their businesses even further.

The high level of integrity and real-time data that Sansan’s service offers will be a great merit to Dynamics CRM Online’s users. We see the opportunities provided by Sansan and Dynamics CRM Online’s integration to be an indispensable solution for businesses.” 

Check out the official English press release here


We are making business cards one with the digital, cloud-based world of tomorrow!

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