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Contacts = Asset?

April 11, 2014
 Contacts on your business are your business opportunities and also your asset because contacts on your business are the roots or your business prosperity. The roots can be grown to be your prospects, clients, royal custores and so forth.  As you know well, asset management is very important for individuals. In the same context, of course, it happens also on your business, too. Asset can produce n

[Statistics] Correlation between Business Cards Management and Income 2

April 10, 2014
Following the previous entry, I want to introduce the stats about correlation between business cards management and income.The higher the annual income, the more care taken to manage business cardsIn the following chart, the blue part shows the what percent of people do not manage their business cards at all, the red shows the percent of people managing it in traditional ways, and the green shows

The “Three Degrees” of Separation

April 8, 2014
Have you ever heard the theory of “the six degrees of separation”? It is the theory that “everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.” –Wikipedia  Connection among the…

[Statistics] Correlation between Business Cards Management and Income

April 3, 2014
Today, I will introduce some interesting stats.Correlation between business cards management and income  The higher the annual income, the more often people change  their contact informationIn the following chart,  you can see that as annual income increases, the frequency of changing contact information also increases, from 23% for the lowest group, to 48%, and then 63%.(investigated in

Share the Contacts in Your Team for Better Productivity

March 3, 2014
Sansan is aiming to contacts management for teams, namely sharing contacts.Sansan realizes that by business cards management for teams.Therefore, it is not the simple business cards management service for individuals.Sharing the contact information by business cards management can share the connection among your teams which enable applying several things for your business such as approaching to ke

Merit for Sharing Contacts in Your Team

February 19, 2014
Why do we better to share the contacts among the teams?The reason is even the your colleagues contacts to someone could notbear fruit in last time,it didn’t mean that the contacts did not have any meaning for you.The problem is how to fix the issue.Sansan is the simple way to fix this.Just scan your cards, and your colleagues’.That’s all you have to do.It’s not too big deal

Applying Camera on Your Smartphone

February 4, 2014
Are you using a camera on your smartphone?You can take photos with your smartphone camera (and share) of your family or loved one or favorite scenery, or sometimes some unexpected scoops and so on.You should do the same things on your business.You should take photos with your smartphone camera of the business cards which are the proofs of human to human connections, and share the digitized informa

Another Way to Use Your Phone’s Camera

December 10, 2013
Are you using the camera on your Smartphone?        You may have been taking a photo of you and your family or the love of your life. Or you may have been taking a photo of the healing sunset that you saw on your way back home after the day of stressful work. I bet there are hundreds of thousands of moments that you have been in, and you want to keep them permanently with you, by taking a photo wi…