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A Simple Way to Convey your Company Brand Image

August 7, 2014
Last time I introduced our cookie business cards on this blog, and today I would like to share some article with you that introduces other unique and creative business cards. 10 Unique Business Card Ideas     It’s great idea to have these kinds of creative business cards because these business cards can direc…

Would You Like a Fresh Baked Business Card?

August 5, 2014
Hello , I’m Kei Aso, and I’m in charge of marketing.This is the first time I write a blog , and I’m so excited to share our exciting news with you. I’m going to write a blog regularly.Today I’m going to introduce our “tasty” business cards we use.Why tasty?? Take a look at the picture below. These are the cookie business cards we cooked. One of t

3 Ways to Impress Your Clients with Sansan

July 7, 2014
Wouldn’t it be great if you could be personally introduced to potential clients?In my experience, when I would finally get a meeting with a potential client, I had to spend a full hour on small talk and getting to know the client. I had to go into the meeting without any details or back ground information that could have been helpful in building our relationship.Then, the client said: “…

Voice of a Former Cold Caller

June 27, 2014
Early in my career…I attended a tech conference. By the end of the three day conference, our team had collected hundreds of business cards and I single-handedly typed all of the data into spreadsheet. I was drudgery. Also the data had to be uploaded to our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and any other lists that our team was using. And I knew connecting the data to my SNS was not the …

[Beginners Guide] Contact Management and Sharing

May 26, 2014
[Beginners guide]   “Contact management and sharing”         Are you sharing your team’s contacts, yet? Many business people do not utilize team’s or his/her contacts, or they don’t even notice that they are not utiziling those.  Contact information can create value only when you utilize. However, many people suttisfy only having hundreds or thousands of contacts.This

Three Better Ways How to Utilize the Sansan Scanner Set

May 1, 2014
Here are three ways to get the most out of the Sansan Scanner Set.#1  Place it in a high traffic area, then encourage everyone to use it    Place the Sansan Scanner Set in a high traffic area such as a company entrance,  the center of the office, or around the copying machine.That way you can make sure all team members take advantage of Sansan Scanner Set. We designed software to work seamles…

Shorten the Period from Three Months to Three Days

April 18, 2014
It’s not the story about “Back to the Future”. Today, I will introduce you one of our users’ success stories.Let’s improve your business efficiency on your team, too.   Contact sharing between a sales manager and a sales representative Before Sharing:when trying to get new accounts, it often took three months for a sales representative to get an appointment.…

6 out of 10 people are positive on contacts sharing of his/herself.

April 17, 2014
Quesion: How do you feel about sharing contacts with your team members/colleagues?  According to our survey about 60% of them are positive on contacts sharing of his/heself with their team members/colleagues. (Sample number: 1,000, in the U.S.) Here are the summary of the reasons on replies.  – Positive ReasonsBusiness could be more efficientThey want to expand …

[Statistics] About the Problem of the Business Cards Management

April 17, 2014
Following the last statistics post, here comes the new one.Business card management has had a problem for a long time for business people. There were two major features. With the progress of information technology, a number of solutions have been created for the business card problem. These have been based on the ideas discussed before, namely, the ease of use of business cards, and the diffi…

Our Business Cards Have Each Person’s Picture. What about Yours?

April 15, 2014
 What kind of business cards do you have?Vertical or horizontal?Paper or plastics?Each company has its own business cards with its design and its brand to express own company. And, you spend above certain cost and resouces.What do you expext when you exchange the cards? Business cards will be the “face” and do busines intested of us.Yes, you want to find your business opportu…