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Sansan on DNA

December 17, 2015
Our CEO Chika Terada’s interview is on DNA.“COMPANIES may be going all-out on their digital transformations, but despite the many options available, the humble old name card still plays a role in today’s business world.Business cards will likely remain a mainstay for exchanging contact details, with Statistics Brain estimating that 27 million business cards are printed a day.”Bus

White Day at Sansan: You Know Valentines Day, but Do You Know White Day?

March 20, 2015
On Monday morning, we had a White Day surprise at Sansan.“White Day? What’s that??”In short: Valentines Day, for women. “What? Valentines day isn’t for Women??” First, let me elaborate: in Japan, Valentines Day is for men.Here in Japan, people approach Valentines Day and, and thus the extra added White Day, a little different than their western counterparts. On …

Sansan’s Katachi – “Shape and Form” – Values and Premise

March 3, 2015
Sansan’s Company Values and PremiseSansan abides by what we call our “Katachi” (Japanese for “shape”, or “form”). Under this we have our Mission, our Values, and our Premise, all of which are important in every aspect of our daily work. Today, I’d like to call attention to just two values in particular (you may notice I’ve talked about “Build on your strengths” before), and our P…

Kyoto Lab: Sansan’s Kyoto-based Remote Office

February 24, 2015
The Kyoto Lab: One more step in pursuit of a new work styleYou may have read about our Kamiyama Lab, the remote office we created in Shikoku in our pursuit of a new work style. As of last November, we added another remote office to our new work style family – The Kyoto Lab.“Office road” in Kyoto city, the location of the new Kyoto Lab While Kamiyama is remote not just in dis…

4 Tips for Efficient Business Card Teamwork

February 17, 2015
Business cards, love them or hate them, are everywhere in business.Although the recent wave of digital innovation has brought many ideas to try and make improvements and usher them into the digital world (such as cloud management and sharing like Sansan) or replace them entirely (microchip implants in your skin anyone?), on the opposite end of the spectrum, more creative businesses continue to fin…

1 Simple Way To Grow in Your Business and Profession: Build on your Strengths

February 3, 2015
“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”This is a popular quote by Bruce Lee encouraging continuous improvement of ones self. But on the topic of growth and improvement you could say there are multiple ways to go about this.Out of habit it may be easier to fall back onto thinking about what you lack: “What can I improve…

3 Lessons for any Business from Japan’s Business Card Culture

January 27, 2015
There is a prevalent image in the west that business cards are a very “Japanese thing.”I find this interesting because they are hardly singular to Japan, however my guess is that this was born from the image of rigidity, of rules and culture, surrounding business cards in Japan. It certainly is possible that business cards are more central to Japan than most other countries. However th…

New Year Business Customs in Japan

January 22, 2015
Happy New Year, and a happy 2015!It’s the year of the sheep. How did you celebrate your new year? I’ve found that companies in Japan have a particularly interesting way of ringing in the New Year when compared to other places in the world. What do I mean?Here are a few interesting practices:1) End-of-the-year Gift Giving: OseiboIn Japan the end of the year (not Christmas, traditionally…

We Bring the Garden to Our Office

October 28, 2014
Previously I posted in our blog about the award for “27th THE BEST OF NEW OFFICES“, and I mentioned “Next time I’ll give more details about our office, and the reason why we were able to win the award.” So today I’m going to show you a few pictures of our working environment.  First, the entrance. It combines two concepts;  “Digital” and “Analo…

The Origin of the Business Card

September 12, 2014
Even in this digital era, we exchange our contact information by using business cards when we meet busienss people all over the world. We continue to do so because it is easy, reasonably cheap, and handy. It is said that there are 10 billion businesss cards being exchaged globally each year.But, where did the custom come from?There are many theories. The most common theory is that the first busine…