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Now You Can Digitize Multiple Cards in a Single Shot

December 7, 2017
Multiple business cards can be recognized andphotographed at the same time.More convenient with high-level OCR.You can check the data of the business cards you took pictures of on the spot.Get started taking pictures of cards now!   

New and Improved Sansan Smartphone Application

October 10, 2017
New function #1:MessagingSend messages to your colleagues to better communicate with them. You can request introductions to your colleagues’ connections when away from the office and easily make light communication. New function #2:Bulk photographing of business cardsYou can take a picture of multiple business cards with just one tap of the camera. With this you can register business cards i

Message Function Lets You Communicate with Colleagues via Sansan

Sansan creates valuable, creative ways to work together. For instance, you may want a colleague’s introduction to a prospective client, or hints on how to deal with a contact, or views on a new contact.We’ve now made this much easier. Use the Message function to quickly and simply share tips and discuss deals with your colleagues, within Sansan.Connect business cards/contacts to messag…

New Mobile Function: Increase Your Sales Efficiency with Advanced Search

January 19, 2017
Sansan for Mobile, on which you can easily check business cards, may be something that the business person who is often out of the office cannot do without.Now, to make using it even more convenient, the Advanced Search function has been added. Here we will introduce this function, with some examples of how it can be used.How to use the Advanced Search functionYou ended up with a little extra time…

Digitize Your German and French Business Cards

“I want to register this card in Sansan, but it isn’t in a language Sansan handles”.Is there anyone in your company who has worried about this?So that you can register even more business cards in Sansan, we have increased the number of languages we handle, allowing for digitization of business cards in German or French.If you have cards in these languages, please take a picture o

You Can Now Send Bulk Emails with Sansan

March 10, 2016
Of course, many things have changed both in your company and with your clients since you first met them.By regularly sending out updates about your company and your new services, you will find opportunities for new business.The bulk email sending function of Sansan is effective and very easy to use.1. First, search for the people you want to send this mail to. By clicking on “Advanced&#…

Digitize Your English, Japanese, and Chinese Business Cards

In response to requests from our users, we have increased the number of languages Sansan can handle.Please see below to see how to choose language for input.When taking pictures of business cards from your smartphoneTake a picture of the side you would like to have input.If you would like to take a picture of both sides, the side you would like to have input should be “Front”.From the …

New Function for the Smartphone App: Report Management

September 30, 2015
Now you can do Report Management from your smartphone-Have you ever been out to visit a client and not able to remember what you talked about last time?-Have you ever wanted to leave a memo on Sansan right after you finish talking with a client?With the new version of the iPhone App released on September 10th, you can now use Report Management functions.(The Android version of this will be release