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Sansan Tips: Seasons Greetings and Thank You Cards

December 18, 2014
Sending greeting cards to lots of contacts? Here’s how we do it at Sansan!The holidays are on their way here, and while I’m personally excited about the festivities and food, it also means it’s the time of the year I need to send out the year “Season’s Greetings” cards. Let me be clear, I’m not complaining! It may be an old practice, but reaching out to clients and other bus…

Kamiyama and the Quest for a New Work Style

December 16, 2014
Sansan’s vision, and a little place called KamiyamaOur company vision is “to create a resource from everyday business encounters and transform the way the world works.” On one hand, our service is built to reflect and help realize this vision. But in addition to changing our clients’ work-style through our service, we are focused on changing our own work-style with approaches lik…

New Import Function for Sansan

December 5, 2014
We are happy to announce that we have just released the business-card import function! We’ve received feedback from users about their need for a business card import function, so in response we added an import function for the PC app users, an addition we expect will provide a better user experience! You probably have many contacts to be shared in your company in many formats, like clie…

Wrap-up of Sansan’s Pitch at the DFJ Event at Draper University

December 5, 2014
Sansan co-founder and director Kei Tomioka pitched at the DFJ Accelerator Program pitch contest for startups, at Draper University on 11/4. San Francisco was busy with starts ups pitching and competing left and right!During and after this particular pitch event, we talked with many locals, exchanging business cards throughout the night. We found out they too have trouble managing their busin

Why vCard Has Survived Despite its Rust, and Shiny CardMunch Has Not

November 12, 2014
In the business world, things like exchanging names, managing contact information, or sharing information among colleagues are all both common and necessary. In response to this, the vCard format has spread across the globe. It is certainly has its uses,however it requires manual input of card information, which takes time. But in the end it’s done becausethe benefits from managing or s…

Sansan will be Speaking at Babson College

November 1, 2014
 Sansan co-founder and director Kei Tomoka will be speaking at the Babson college for the Babson Asia Entrepreneurship Forum 2014  on 11/1(Sat) at the Panel Discussion 1- 10:45 AM-11:45 AM discussing about “Inside the Black Box: Business Opportunities in Asian Markets . Check it out!  About Babson Asia Entrepreneurship Forum 2014Babson Asian Entrepreneurship Forum is the

The Bridge between Managing Business Cards and Contact Sharing

October 22, 2014
Sometimes, we’ve heard our clients say, in reviews or feedback, that“they understand the importance of business card management, but they are not too familiar with contact sharing services and all of their benefits.” At first glance, this is an easy conclusion to jump to. However, I’d like to take this chance to right the misconception that focusing on business cards d…

Two Special Announcements for our San Francisco Appearance!

October 14, 2014
We have two special announcements related to our San Francisco appearance. #1We will present our Sansan Scanner for the first time in public at the Japan Night Finals at the Automattic Lounge, in San Francisco on November 5th.#2We are offering special consulting meetings (for up to an hour) for an introduction to Sansan. (Applications only accepted via web)To take advantage of the consulting/

Let the Sansan Product Speak

October 7, 2014
Sansan CEO Chika Terada gives us a rundown of why and how he plans to use business cards to bring value across the ocean to clients in the US, on “Disrupting Japan”. You can enjoy this episode of the show on their podcast, iTunes, or directly off the web. On why Sansan is focusing on the corporate in the US:“For the US market, like you said, people don’t use business cards t…

For Sansan Starters: Getting the Most Out of Sansan

September 30, 2014
There are three main reasons why users quit their business card management systems, despite the benefits they offer: – Lack of data accuracy– Cost of updating data– Overwhelming amount of cards to handle If you have been using Sansan Starter and have already invited your colleagues, you have probably found that the first two points have been solved!But its possible you&…