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Download Your Contact Data from Sansan and Put it to Work

October 4, 2016
Download all of your registered Sansan contact data in CSV file formatYour exchanged business cards equal customer information. Once you download this business card data, you are free to create customer lists so you can manage, edit, and put the data to use in other tools and systems in broad and numerous ways.A few examples…– Create and manage a sales “attack list”– Import conta…

You Can Now Send Bulk Emails with Sansan

March 10, 2016
Of course, many things have changed both in your company and with your clients since you first met them.By regularly sending out updates about your company and your new services, you will find opportunities for new business.The bulk email sending function of Sansan is effective and very easy to use.1. First, search for the people you want to send this mail to. By clicking on “Advanced&#…

Digitize Your English, Japanese, and Chinese Business Cards

In response to requests from our users, we have increased the number of languages Sansan can handle.Please see below to see how to choose language for input.When taking pictures of business cards from your smartphoneTake a picture of the side you would like to have input.If you would like to take a picture of both sides, the side you would like to have input should be “Front”.From the …

Use Open APIs to Connect with Various Types of CRM and SFA

December 28, 2015
Do you presently spend a lot of time inputting client information into your SFA or CRM?By using Open APIs, you can sync business card information into external services and, accordingly, manage your client information in a more efficient manner.In addition, if you connect Sansan with Zapier, you don’t need to develop your own solutions.>> About Zapier 1. Log in to Sansan for PC no

Sansan Announces Open API for Holistic Cloud Contact Management and Integration

November 23, 2015
 SINGAPORE, 23 November 2015 – Sansan Global Pte. Ltd., the #1 business card and contact management service provider in Japan with presence in Singapore, Asia, today announced the availability of an open application programming interface (API) for Sansan’s contact management platform that allows businesses to easily integrate their business card data onto their existing CRM tools and other service…

Compare Different Marketing Approaches, with Outlining the Importance of Business Card Management

November 4, 2015
Which is more likely to lead to a sale: a sales appointment made over the telephone or an inquiry via a website? Generally, it is said that it takes a long time to get to the point of placing an order when selling to businesses. The information gatherer and the decision maker are often in different places, and a considerable amount of time is spent comparing your product to those of your comp…

New Function for the Smartphone App: Report Management

September 30, 2015
Now you can do Report Management from your smartphone-Have you ever been out to visit a client and not able to remember what you talked about last time?-Have you ever wanted to leave a memo on Sansan right after you finish talking with a client?With the new version of the iPhone App released on September 10th, you can now use Report Management functions.(The Android version of this will be release

Hire a Business Card Wizard for Your Company

June 23, 2015
Imagine: 1 person able to connect the dots to new business across all of a company’s contacts.That sounds like it would be pretty magical, doesn’t it?How many business cards has your company amassed? Where are they now? Do they get used?Theres no way employee A knows every person who has exchanged cards with that the random guy B in accounting…but what if someone did? With that i…

Sansan Featured in Zapier’s Update Blog

May 21, 2015
A few weeks ago we wrote about Sansan getting integrated with Zapier to connect business card scanning and digitization with over 300 other applications and tools! Now, Zapier has their own short article about the integration as well. Go check it out! Stay tuned for more major Sansan integrations!Want to know more about how Sansan can

New Sansan + Zapier Release: Use your Sansan Contacts in 300+ Other Services

April 28, 2015
Connect business cards to over 300 other services, hands free and automatically!As of just last week, we at Sansan have rolled out the first step in a new initiative of creating a more open integration of Sansan’s business card scanning and sharing service. We aim to turn business card management into an integral part of business infrastructure.This first step is through integrating with a c…