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Sansan’s New Icon

August 20, 2014
I’m happy to announcethat we have released our new icon!As you can see the new icon features a white business card box, and a capital S for Sansan.Sansan is “the business card box for your team”, and we wanted our new icon to reflect that.  We like the new icon. We hope you like it, too.Like and Follow Sansan!!

Sansan’s New Service Model Released

August 19, 2014
Recently, we released Sansan’s new service model. (Our latest version is on the Plans & Pricing page.)  With the new service model, our Starter plan gives you 10 additional transcriptions when you invite your colleagues, making it much easier to share your contacts.  Also, you can access the PC Web Application (CSV Export / External Service Connection / Connection to, whi…

Sansan Chosen for Japan Night Tokyo Round Semis on 9/27

August 18, 2014
Sansan has been chosen as one of 15 semifinalists for the Japan Night Semi-finals in Tokyo on 2014/9/27 (Sat.).You’ll meet the hottest rising suns there!About JapanNight.JapanNight began in 2010 as a demo competition organized by btrax and like-minded partners to support Japanese entrepreneurs and create a robust startup ecosystem. Now in its seventh edition, JapanNight has become the premie

Sansan One of the Best New Offices in Japan

August 13, 2014
I’m excited to announce that Sansan has been named one of the best new offices in Japan by Nikkei Inc. and New Office Promotion Association (Japanese)The 27th annual “BEST OF NEW OFFICES,” which were recently announced, are awarded to the companies whose offices are rated high in terms of productivity, security and comfort, among other factors. More than 100 companies applied for

Sansan’s Launch in Singapore in The Bridge, e27, Tech in Asia, and Other Media

August 8, 2014
Sansan has been in several media outlets regarding its launch in Singapore.Sansan plans to expand its Asian market into Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Australia, and other countries where English is spoken.“We plan to provide our service worldwide sooner or later.” Sansan was covered in these media sources.(Alphabetical order)  

Sansan, Inc. Launches Business Card Management Service in Singapore

August 8, 2014
Japan’s #1 cloud-based business card management service launches in Singapore following its recent U.S. launchFriday, August 8, 2014 8:00 am JSTSansan, Inc. the #1 contact management and sharing service provider in Japan, today announced that it has launched its business card management service in Singapore following a successful U.S. launch. The company, which raised $14 million USD (¥1.46 …

Sansan’s First Month in the US Market on e27!

July 25, 2014
We are on e27.Sansan, “which goes by the tagline ‘The Business Card Box for your company’, in the US has been in market for just a month,… The similarities in both Japan and the US are that there are business card sharing needs. Additionally, we discovered that there were many inquiries from Asian countries, especially Singapore. Therefore, we are considering service locali

Sansan Turns 8!

July 11, 2014
On June 11th, 2014, Sansan turned 8 years old.So, we had a birthday party.Here are some photos from the festivities.    Yes, thankfully we are getting bigger and bigger, and so far have over 120 people working with us.     We are happy to help your business succeed! Like and Follow Sansan!!

Quartz Says Sansan Could Go Global

July 10, 2014
   Sansan is in Quartz.“Corporate clients can rent out scanners from Sansan for high-volume jobs. The software allows people to share their business-card contacts with colleagues. Sansan pitches this as a more efficient way to keep everyone’s business contacts in the cloud and easily accessible. “          I’m glad we’re on Quartz and have been getting feedback from o

Sansan’s Market Expansion into US on Tech in Asia

June 30, 2014
Sansan is on Tech in Asia, again.   ” Terada explains why:‘…Our business could be the key to sharing those contacts.'”Read more:This Japanese startup has 14 million reasons why the business card isn’t dead Like and Follow Sansan!!