Business Cards Exchanged at Trade Shows are a Treasure for Presenters and Attendees

Sansan blog - The business cards exchanged at trade shows are a treasure

Many business cards collected, many ways to manage them

Autumn is the season for trade shows and events. Many of these are held in this season. Sansan has also attended many different trade shows, and met many people at its booths there. You can receive a lot of business cards at these kinds of events, but after your receive them, what do you do with them? What people do with them can roughly be divided into three groups.

1. They put them in their desk drawers and leave them there.
2. They file them away.
3. They use business card management software to change them into data.

Of these three, we recommend number 3. With 1 and 2, you are just burying them, but by changing them into data, you can get a lot of use out of them. You took the effort to meet them for business, so just letting a business card exchanged be nothing more than a business card exchanged is a waste. (At Sansan, the cloud-based business card management service Sansan is used to manage business cards.

The key is the amount of time from the first meeting at the trade show to the first follow up contact

For those exhibiting at trade shows, business cards are a treasure. They are important information that will lead to future sales talks, and while the memory is fresh, it is best to send at least a greeting follow-up. Most exhibitors at trade shows send thank you emails after the event is finished, but it takes time to change the names into data, and thus it is hard to take timely action.

If you could just send that follow up email the day after the trade show finishes, the recipient will quickly remember who you are and what company you worked for. However, if a week or two passes before you can send the follow up, the recipient may struggle to remember who the sender was. If you can only quickly make an approach while the memory of the event is still fresh, then you have the key to future sales in your hand.

The people visiting the trade show can also make use of the connections they made there.

For those visiting the trade show as well, the business cards they receive are diamonds in the rough, only needing to be polished. At the time you receive them, it may not yet be the time for the sales to develop, but when your position has changed, and perhaps the other person’s position has changed as well, it may become an extremely important connection. Recently, how to organize things and put things away is a popular topic, and the trend is towards getting rid of things you don’t need, but connections with other people are things that you cannot predict. Business encounters are things that should be taken good care of.

It is easy to see the merits for those exhibiting at trade shows, but those visiting can not only gather information, but it is also a good chance to meet up with people working at the companies exhibiting. You went to the trouble of getting the business cards, now you should try to get the most out of them.