Is it OK to Throw Away Business Cards?

Sansan blog When you throw out your business cards

Some people who manage their business cards digitally probably worry about what to do with business cards after they digitalize them. When you digitize a paper business card, you no longer need the original. But there is no meaning in putting the business cards you digitized back into the file where they were before. So what should you do with the paper business cards after you have digitized them?

What happens to paper business cards?

Keep the cards of the people you met recently and of the people you meet frequently

It’s better to keep the cards of the people you met recently and of the people you meet frequently. After you exchange business cards, you may sometimes talk about them. And it would not be very nice to have to admit that you threw one of these out. You don’t often need to show business cards to others after you have received them, but it is probably safer to keep the business cards of clients you often meet.

Making the decision to throw out or not

A human network is not something you should only try to just make bigger. It is an important skill to look at the people you have met and think who of them could become an important key person for you. When you try to manage by yourself which business cards you want to keep near you, you choose from the cards you have the cards of people you want to meet, and use it as a chance to deepen your relationship. However, when the business cards you have is over 1000, then it becomes difficult to manage them as paper.

The best timing for throwing out business cards is one year after you receive them

If you try to keep all the business cards that you no longer need, you will end up with a lot of stuff. It is best to process them one year after you receive them. Things you have not used for one year are often things you are going to end up never using. After looking back on a year, make the decision whether this person was someone you didn’t need to meet often, or to whom there was no connection. A lot of people use their year-end cleaning time as the season to throw out business cards they do not need.

Put business cards in the shredder

As business cards contain personal information, it is not good to just put them out in the trash. It is also not good to see people’s business cards in the trash. It is best to shred business cards you do not need. If your company has a special rule for this, make sure you follow that rule.


Today we talked about how to throw business cards away after managing them digitally. Make sure that you follow the rules for these kind of things set out by your company. When you clear out your cabinets, it will also improve your work efficiency.



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