Before Business Card Management You Need to Organize Your Cards

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The age-old problem of how businesses should manage business cards

How to manage business cards. Every business person who has ever exchanged business cards has wondered about this. Of course there are some people who don’t do anything special, but on the other hand there are people who follow the old way of filing them away in files. There are people who use business card management software and have them changed to data to make them easier to use, and recently there are people who do this from their smartphones. Because of all this, business card management apps have become quite common.

There are three ways to easily do business card management. First is the old way of filing them, next is the more recent way of using business card management applications, and then finally there are services that let organizations manage their business cards together. Business card management, which was done on an individual basis before, is now considered a kind of resource management for many companies, and they want to manage their business cards as a company.

Although business card management continues to evolve, there are still some people with many concerns about this. If they are at least doing some management of them, that is better, but there are also people who are not doing anything at all.

Before doing business card management, organize the business cards that you have.

Since you will need to make some kind of rule and continue to do it, for people who are still on the fence about business card management, we recommend starting by just organizing the cards you have. Try organizing the cards you have in the files, the ones just sitting on your desk, and the ones sitting in the back of your drawer. How to do this is below.

1. Put your business cards in alphabetical order.

This is a standard way of doing it. If you remember the name of the company or the name of the person, you will be able to find it with this. This is the easiest way to organize things.

2. Put your business cards in the order your received them.

Not many people organize their business cards this way, but if you notice that you met some people on the same day, you will remember that you met them at a given trade show.

3. Put your business cards in groups by industry or by position

When you have contact with freelance people, organizing business cards by position (title) becomes effective. For people in publishing, since you often work with cameramen or writers, it is better to organize the cards by their titles than to put them in alphabetical order. It makes them easier to find when you need them. Also there are times when people working in general affairs have contact with people from many different fields, and so organizing by industry makes them easier to find.

4. A mix of numbers 1 to 3

This may be rather difficult way to organize things, but to go from chronological order to alphabetical order, or from chronological order to grouping by field or title will make it quite easy to find the business cards you are looking for. When you reach this level of organizing, you are no longer just organizing them, it can be said that you are managing them.

To get the most value out of your business cards it is necessary to do business card management

If you just organize your cards following the patterns above, it will be easier to find the card you are looking for when you need it. Each person has a different impression of a person they exchange business cards with, and some people put memos about this on the business cards. By doing this, they are adding original information to the business cards. It is good if you can manage this information on the business cards as you manage the business cards. It takes more effort, but the value of the information will remarkably increase.

There is no one way to manage business cards. As the company that provides a cloud-based business card management service called Sansan, we highly recommend digital management that allows you to do numbers 1 to 4 above. For those who are not good with IT or who are worried about digitalizing data, they can continue managing business cards as they have until now. Either way, it is best to manage these things in a way that causes oneself the least amount of stress.

For those who are not managing their cards, start by trying to put them in order. If you just start doing it, you will find yourself wanting to do different things with them. And even after you put them in order, it is never too late to start business card management. Every journey starts with one step. If you move forward even slowly, at some point business card management will become a given. That day might come for you too.