Overcome Barriers to Managing Business Card Data

barriers to manager business card

People in sales, dependent on career length, have often exchanged up to, or over, two thousand business cards.

This can make it near impossible to find the card of someone who you have previously met, let alone remembering their name, company name, or other salient details.

The upshot is that your sales efforts could be seen, in these circumstances, to be wasted. By changing your business cards into data, you will be able to get more from your contacts.

However, when you start the process of changing business cards into data, you can run into several ‘walls’, a number of which are considered below.

The first wall: Volume of business cards

When you make the decision to change your cards into data, the sheer volume of cards can seem insurmountable. You don’t want to do it yourself, but you also don’t wish to burden others with the task. This can result in giving up on the process at an early stage.

Now, however, you can merely utilize a camera or scanners to approach the task. No manual input is required of you and, yet, you still end up with the same result.

The second wall: An easily manageable interface

If you can’t find an easily useable interface, the effort of changing your cards into data could be seen to be a wasted exercise. However, a number of apps (even those that are free) are very easy to use and thereby overcome the ‘usability’ barrier.

The third wall: Up to date data

Peoples’ information often changes and out of data is often close to useless. Accordingly, you want your database to reflect new information as soon as possible.

To tackle this issue, a lot of new software automatically updates peoples’ information as soon as new business card information is received.

The final wall: Progressing using business card management

Once you have gotten over the other barriers, there are a number of ways to utilize the database you now possess. For example, you could group your contacts by meeting data and therefore tailor your approach to that group. If you are stuck for ideas in this regard, a number of services now give expert advice to assist you.

With that being said, often the innovation of your sales team will be key when it comes to the utilization of your new found resource. We hope that you can get over the various ‘walls’ mentioned above and, by doing so, realize the potential in the business cards you currently possess.

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