Managing Your Cards and Contacts in Salesforce? We’ve Got Something Great for You

Improve your efficiency by linking the services you use

Used around the world, Salesforce has many benefits, such as being easy to use. However by linking it with a business card management service, you can make it even more efficient.

“I want to manage my business cards in Salesforce, but I don’t know how.”

“Which business card service should I link Salesforce to?”

Here we will propose some solutions to those who have these kinds of questions.

Business card management using Salesforce

Salesforce is used around the world as a cloud-based business application. Since it has functions for salesforce automation and customer relations management, it is a service which can comprehensively support business.

However, even with all that it can do, as the database itself is not automatically maintained, it is necessary to input information about prospects manually. By a prospect is meant anyone whom you have exchanged business cards with. But with Salesforce, in order to register the data printed on the business cards, users need to input it themselves.

Here is where you can see how useful it is to integrate Salesforce with a business card management service. If you link them, and get information efficiently updated, there will be many benefits, including being able to easily obtain recent information.

Two benefits of linking Salesforce with business card management

So, what are the benefits of doing this? Here we will introduce two of them.

Increase efficiency

1. Increase efficiency

There are many types of business card management services, and some of them are cloud-based tools which will automatically upload business cards to a database after you scan the cards or take a picture of them with your smartphone. These will save you time and effort in getting the information in. Also, if you manage customer data with only Salesforce, it is necessary to regularly review the information you have in the database to check if it is up to date. However, some business card management services have functions that automatically update existing information when new business card information is uploaded, making manual checks of data unnecessary. By having the cards input and updated for you, your work will become much more efficient.

2. Salespeople will actually use the tools, as they have benefits for them.

No matter how good of a tool you introduce to your company, it means nothing unless people actually use it. By integrating Salesforce with a business card management service, the work of the sales people is lightened, which makes it easy for them to continue using it.

Business card management services good for linking with Salesforce

For a business card management service to be appropriate for linking with Salesforce, it must satisfy three conditions: it must be easy to use, be cloud-based, and change business cards into data accurately. The only service that satisfies all of these conditions is Sansan.

What Sansan is

What Sansan is

Among the business card management services in Japan, Sansan has the number one market share for corporations. Sansan can also be linked with Salesforce. Just by scanning business cards with their exclusive scanner, the cards are changed into data, which is automatically transferred to Salesforce. You can even take pictures of cards with your smartphone, so you can process business cards wherever you are. As the cards are changed into data by input staff, the accuracy of the data is 99%. And when business card information is updated, the database is also automatically updated. There is thus no need for database maintenance.

In conclusion

If you manually input business card information, you will end up spending a lot of time doing it. If you are going to use Salesforce, link it with a business card management service, and aim to thus increase your work efficiency.

Link Salesforce with a business card management service that matches your company, and make Salesforce that much easier to use.