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Sansan Appoints New Regional CEO in Singapore, Reinforces Commitment to Asia"Singapore and ASEAN are a great fit for us"

October 9, 2019
Sansan proudly announces it has assigned Hiroshi “Edward” Senju as our Regional CEO. He’ll be based out of our Singapore office.Asia is fast becoming the world’s business and economic hub, and at Sansan we’re doubling down on our mission to make Sansan a key part of doing business here.Edward is one of Sansan’s first employees and he possesses deep knowledge of all we have to offer.“I see Edward a…

Harvard Business School Group Takes on the Challenges of Bringing Sansan to the USHBS students’ ideas for Sansan’s future

July 2, 2019
Second-year postgraduate students at world-renowned Harvard Business School (HBS) can take part in the Immersive Field Course (IFC). In this hands-on program, they stay in different cities around the world and immerse themselves in local companies’ activities. Japan is the most popular destination for the program.There are around 900 such students, and many apply for the IFC. Just 43 were selected…

Sansan Crosses US$100 Million in Funding – Closes US$26.43 Million Series E RoundSeries E Funding to Drive Expansion in Southeast Asia and Japan

December 6, 2018
・Tokyo and Singapore-based Sansan provides a business card-based contact management solution for companies. It enables businesses of all sizes to build a complete contact database of their real-world network by scanning business cards with the Sansan Scanner Set or a mobile phone.・In this round Sansan has raised JPY 3 billion (US$26.43 million) from Japan Post Capital, T. Rowe Price, SBI Investmen…

How to Master Business Card Exchange in Japan

Exchanging business cards in Japan is a characteristically Japanese experience. It has order, rules, and it’s easy to mess up. That’s why you’ll get a leg up if you, as a non-Japanese, master this process and sharpen your etiquette.You probably know at least a little something about Japan’s many customs in daily life and in business. When you’re actually working on a …

CRM vs. CMS: What’s the Difference between Contact Management and Customer Relationship Management?

Contact relationship management (CRM), contact management system (CMS) … what’s the difference?The lines between CRM and CMS are blurred. Each does a bit of the other. It’s no wonder individuals and businesses both have trouble differentiating and choosing.We’re focused on business here at Sansan, so let’s set the record straight on CRM vs. CMS, and which to choose for your company.What’s a Contac…

Amazing OCR: 8 Ways it Changes Our Lives & 3 Shortcomings

Just what is optical character recognition (OCR)? The simple answer is that OCR is a widely used system for machine or electronic conversion of text into data. In this way, amazing OCR changes our lives.The text can be on a page, in a photo, even handwritten on a scrap of paper. OCR checks us in at the airport, directs mail to our front door, and makes Google even more useful. It’s also at t…

Reuters Covers Tech Unicorns from JapanSansan an IPO in waiting?

August 14, 2018
Reuters gave coverage of startups, IPOs, and VCs from Japan.It considers Sansan a possible candidate for becoming the next Japanese unicorn IPO.After Mercari: Japanese asset managers see new era in venture capital investing

Sansan in Bloomberg

February 8, 2018
Bloomberg uncovers “How to hack your pile of business cards”.Read the interview with our CEO, Chika Terada. 

Now You Can Digitize Multiple Cards in a Single Shot

December 7, 2017
Multiple business cards can be recognized andphotographed at the same time.More convenient with high-level OCR.You can check the data of the business cards you took pictures of on the spot.Get started taking pictures of cards now!   

New and Improved Sansan Smartphone Application

October 10, 2017
New function #1:MessagingSend messages to your colleagues to better communicate with them. You can request introductions to your colleagues’ connections when away from the office and easily make light communication. New function #2:Bulk photographing of business cardsYou can take a picture of multiple business cards with just one tap of the camera. With this you can register business cards i