Midtrans's Sansan Story

Top Online Payments Provider in Indonesia




Top Online Payments Provider in Indonesia


Indonesian fintech firm Midtrans has seen sales activities improve after it adopted Sansan’s business card management for its sales division

Midtrans, previously known as Veritrans, is an online payments company founded in 2012. As the largest payment provider in Indonesia, the company helps to intermediate transactions for e-commerce companies in a safe, reliable and fraud-free manner. Midtrans’ clients include 64% of the top 100 e-commerce companies in Indonesia. These cover banks, telecommunications companies and department stores, such as Matahari Mall, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Cottonink, Bro.do, HSBC, UOB, Permata Bank, Garuda Indonesia, Pegipegi, and JD.id.

With a lean team of 170 employees, out of which only 10 to 15 percent are from the sales department, high efficiency is not a luxury, but something vital to the company’s operations.

Midtrans first realized the benefits of business card and network management when it became apparent that their top sales performers were also fastidious when it came to managing their pool of contacts, noted Midtrans CEO, Mr Ryu Kawano Suliawan.

“One of the key things that differentiated the performers and the ones who were still improving, was that the top sales people were very good in managing their contacts. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be effective if every employee was given a way to manage their contacts, and be able to emulate the success of the top sales person and become a top salesperson themselves?”

Realization of this particular habit of top performers was what pushed Mr Suliawan to search for a business card management system that would help employees manage their business cards and contacts in an easy and efficient manner.

Midtrans first came upon Sansan in November, 2015. Sansan’s cloud-based business card management system helps all employees digitize and store the information on a common platform. Any staff within the company can then search the database for a potential client or contact, and approach the colleague linked to that contact, to initiate a conversation.

After six months of using Sansan to manage their pool of contacts, sales performance had increased noticeably.

“Sansan has significantly improved our sales efficiency by providing us the capabilities to easily share contact information of important business contacts among team members.”

The combination of mobile app and physical business card scanner caters for the different needs of our company and our staff

Prior to using Sansan, Midtrans staff managed business cards in the old fashioned way, or, in the words of Mr Suliawan, with a “manual Sansan”. His assistant would sort out the name cards on his behalf, and consolidate the information manually.

However, this method was not unrealistic for every other staff to do. Their lean sales team needed to be very efficient, and contact management played a huge part in the success of the company’s top performers. Having the names and contact information kept individually did not help promote efficiency either, as there was no central repository for the company to tap into.

Today, thanks to Sansan, users can maximize productivity, by opting to use a scanner which scans 60 name cards per minute. Smartphone users are able to capture and store all of the information on a card with just one hand.

CEO, Mr Ryu Kawano Suliawan

“The mobile app is the core of Sansan. This is because half of our sales team is out of the office half of the time, and therefore needs to access the client data on the go with their mobile devices. With Sansan’s app, it only takes a click of a button to get connected so it’s tremendously helpful.”

Sansan’s products are easy to use, he said, as there is no time loss incurred to get acquainted with them. They are able to focus on securing more sales for the company, rather than devoting time to get used to the system.

The use of Sansan also provided Midtrans with an element which many companies lacked – an easy to search contact database that stores all the contacts, even after the receiver of the business cards leaves the company.

“All the contacts are now paramount as long-term asset of the company. So even when an employee leaves the company and brings along the physical business card with them, we are still able to keep the contact in our database and can continue to leverage on these connections,”

To ensure all of the acquired information is stored, time is set aside each week for various departments to upload their new contracts into Sansan. In fact, this has become part of Midtrans’ standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Mr Suliawan concluded, “We are very happy with Sansan’s services and are confident that they can play a role in helping us achieve our vision to be the underlying infrastructure for e-commerce in Indonesia”.