Sansan Integrations –
Open for Business

Drive contacts, leads, and sales by incorporating your company’s Sansan data with valuable external services and tools.
Increase cooperation and efficiency, while reducing system development costs.

Link Tools & Services, Integrate Data,
with No System Development Required

Coordinate data with SFAs, CRMs, MAs and other tools vital in your business processes.
We’ll continue adding new integrations to enhance and increase the many ways you can use Sansan data.
Link Tools & Services

Benefits of Integration

Incorporate your Sansan contacts and data to raise your company’s sales,
productivity, and efficiency.
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Open API
Use the Open API to enable external applications to use Sansan contact data.
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Easily link Sansan contact data with partner products. No systems development is required.
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CSV Output
Data can also be downloaded in csv format for use in other applications.
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Webform Integration
Convert inquiries, contact forms, and other webform entries into Sansan contact data.
*Requires enabling the appropriate function into the input form program

API Developers

We follow RESTful design using standard HTTP requests.
View Documentation for technical specifics on using the Sansan Open API.